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Michael Cohen

Dead Man Displayed on Motorcycle Rather than in Casket for Wake

28 April 2010, 23.54 | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 comment »

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So my friend Jane just sent this to me along with the question “Would you like to be on your snowboard or skateboard?”
Creepy question, but hysterical none the less. My answer would be a Snowboard with a Vermont backdrop!

The New York-based hip-hop legend dies at 43.

22 April 2010, 03.02 | Posted in Music, skateboard | No comments »

Rapper Guru is dead at age 43 after a long battle with cancer. The New York-based hip-hop legend, born Keith Elam, had a heart attack March 2 and subsequently fell into a coma. After seemingly recovering from that hit, Guru lost his battle with a cancer-related disease on April 19.
“After finding out this awful news I started looking through tons of pictures from the time I had worked at Zoo York in 03′ ish. I remember we did some Deck with Gang Starr. But I remembered to a tee meeting Guru and DJ Premier for the first time at Zoo. It was Jefferson Pang, Crazee Dave, Rodney Smith, myself and Gang Starr!!! Guru had a presence like no other hip hop entertainer. He was special to his fans and a straight up dood that will be missed and loved by all.”
Photo By Michael A. Cohen

The Young Ones – Nozin’ Aroun’

17 April 2010, 21.10 | Posted in Music, entertainment | No comments »

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When I was a young Punk Skater in the early 80’s, I watched a show called “The Young Ones” religiously after school. It was one of MTV’s first TV shows ( when MTV was broadcasting out some kids basement in New Jersey ). I recently found my VHS collections that I recorded of the tube and have been getting back into the show reliving my mislead youth. This show was my introduction to the London Rock, Ska & Punk sounds. Bands like Motörhead, Madness, Nine Below Zero and the Theme Song to the Show performed by the Great Cliff Richard.
They also had these hilarious side skits to the show. My favorite one was Nozin’ Aroun’.

SHUT AMS at K.O.S 2010

15 April 2010, 22.04 | Posted in skateboard | No comments »

Be on the look out for SHUT’s AM Squad at the “King of Spring” skate comp this Saturday.
Luis Tolentino, Shawn Powers, Derick Ziemkiewicz and Jason Spivey will all be on hand collecting prize money along with New Yorks top contenders. Billy Rohan and Alex Corporan have brought Chad Muska on board to help host this awesome contest format. Be sure to make the skate to Harlem for this one! Later and “Go Skateboard!”
Luis Tolentino.Blunt Slide..King of Spring 2009..BY.Michael A. Cohen

My Barber Rocks!

15 April 2010, 06.00 | Posted in Music | 2 comments »

Mr. Bee of KABONA ZOMBIES recently renamed band “Scrapers” is playing at Trash Bar in Brooklyn, NY on Friday night. April 16th.
“Hi everybody, this is an invite to come join us for a fun show on
Friday… This will be our first show under our new name “scrapers”…
Those who have seen or heard us as ” Kabona zombies” will not be
disappointed we promise!! SCRAPERS is just better…hope you can come
rock with us!”…Mr. Bee.

Javier Nunez aka Wilfredo Gomez in the Video!

08 April 2010, 08.04 | Posted in Music, entertainment, skateboard | No comments »

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Javier Nunez aka Wilfredo Gomez in the Video!
SHUT Skater, Javier Nunez chilling in the video for the HBO’s “How To Make It In America”s opening track. Name of the song/video is “I Need A Dollar” by Aloe Blacc’s single from the forthcoming album Good Things (Stones Throw).

Tony Manfre’s “Light Box” Trailer

06 April 2010, 19.31 | Posted in art, skateboard | No comments »

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Tony Manfre is not just another Pro Skater, he also is a fantastic DJ and Filmmaker! His artistic skate style transcends into his filming concepts and unique beats. Be on the lookout for the full length decade in the making film in early 2011.

April Fooluis Day!

02 April 2010, 18.32 | Posted in skateboard | 1 comment »

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This one is some great Jerky Boys Shit aimed at SHUT Skater Luis Tolentino. This kid is a great sport. I gotta give it to him for taking the challenge.
Nice work Larry!

Smashing Ipad

02 April 2010, 05.33 | Posted in entertainment | No comments »

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You have to check out the Video follow up by Tosh.0 on his site.