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Michael Cohen

The Young Ones – Nozin’ Aroun’

17 April 2010, 21.10 | Posted in Music, entertainment | No comments »

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When I was a young Punk Skater in the early 80’s, I watched a show called “The Young Ones” religiously after school. It was one of MTV’s first TV shows ( when MTV was broadcasting out some kids basement in New Jersey ). I recently found my VHS collections that I recorded of the tube and have been getting back into the show reliving my mislead youth. This show was my introduction to the London Rock, Ska & Punk sounds. Bands like Motörhead, Madness, Nine Below Zero and the Theme Song to the Show performed by the Great Cliff Richard.
They also had these hilarious side skits to the show. My favorite one was Nozin’ Aroun’.

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