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Michael Cohen

SHUT Skates New Web Site.

29 May 2010, 00.03 | Posted in skateboard | No comments »

I would like to use my RadCollector column as a platform to Thank everyone for the kind words, constructive feedback and support on getting The New SHUT Site up and running. I am very excited to be working on it and feel it will be a powerful tool and a loud voice for us at SHUT Skates. Please visit the site often because I will be posting on it, “On The Regs”. Enjoy the extended Memorial Day weekend and if your in NYC LES on Saturday, come by the SHUT Shop and say hello.
Photo By: Ken Salerno

Late Shuvit on the NYC Boundless BBQ

22 May 2010, 20.10 | Posted in skateboard | No comments »

Working in a skate shop has it pros and cons, mostly pros, but when it comes to getting out of work on a nice NYC spring day it is impossible. Especially when everyone is cruising the beat or Barbecuing at Boundless! BUT! I made it just in time to have some Beers with the Boundless Crew and there FANS!

Dinosaur Rap

20 May 2010, 08.38 | Posted in entertainment | No comments »

YouTube Preview Image
Prof that Man and Dinosaur have been rhyming since day one! Brought to you by “The Whitest Kids U’ Know”

NYC Celebs

15 May 2010, 22.44 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

I have lived in NYC most of my life and tend not to get star struck. I happened to spot Judah Friedlander on Orchard st. yesterday in front of the SHUT shop. Judah’s acting career consist of such a great line up like “30 Rock”, “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, “Live Free or Die” and “The Flight of the Conchords” and tons of other movies and TV shows. This dood is super chill, friendly and he skates SHUT decks!
Thank you Judah for Rocking our SHUT “Ed Koch For Mayor” Tee!
photo by: Michael A. Cohen

‘Free Thinking’

13 May 2010, 06.19 | Posted in Music | No comments »

“Everyone’s a critic & most people are DJ’s!” The Hold Steady nailed it with those lyrics. In the modern techno age, being a DJ has never been easier. All it takes is a couple ipods, a mixer and some speakers and you’re ready to rock the party. For most occasions, and for most casual listeners/elbow bending belly up-ers, this is ample entertainment. Mindless, but ample. Lucky for the rest of us there are still crate diggers, soul searchers and purveyors of pure energy that can only be transfered properly off vinyl records. Asbury Park’s DJ Prestige has been at it long before you lost your last ’system’ in a glass of rum & coke as you were packing up after your set.
You can check out his featured playlist over at Mixcloud. There you’ll find cuts by ‘The Fabulous Counts’, Lee Charles, J.J. Jackson and more. You probably have never heard of theses artists before but once you get your first listen you’ll never forget them.
James Poole is in self-imposed exile in New York City. Originating from Stoke-on-Trent in the industrial north of England, he was shaped by the music emerging from Manchester through the 80s and 90s, and the relentless sound of Motown in his family home.
DJ Prestige and James Poole bring together their collective passion for fine Funk and Soul to create ‘Free Thinking’, a twice a month party at Kush beginning this Thursday, May 13th.
For even more music, check out the Flea Market Funk Blog.
Think Freely.
-Thank you DR. New Jersey!

“Queen of crazy Courtney Love, Vagina Panther”

11 May 2010, 04.18 | Posted in Music | No comments »

“Hot on the heels of a tacit endorsement from the queen of crazy Courtney Love, Vagina Panther are rocking once again this weekend at the Trash Bar in Brooklyn. They go on at 10pm, and will be joined by a bunch of other rad dudes. If you dig the good and heavy, be sure not to miss out!”…. John McGill, guitarist in “Vagina Panther”. Enjoy and hope to see you all at the show….MAC

WaChiChoo X Rad Collector EP

05 May 2010, 07.31 | Posted in Music | No comments »

WaChiChow has graced the Rad Collector’s readers and fans with this dope free download.
If you are in New York City for Cinco de Mayo you should stop by Wicked Willy’s at 9pm to catch them live! I have seen them twice and they are tight. The lead singing duo has great chemistry and our good friend Java slays the Bass. Enjoy!