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Michael Cohen

SCRAPERS Friday nite!

30 June 2010, 06.42 | Posted in Music | No comments »

You like to party? Good. You like music? Good. Then come party with SCRAPERS Friday nite!
Trash Bar, Willybonkers Brooklyn, NY, 10pm

“A KCDC Featurette”

26 June 2010, 01.30 | Posted in skateboard | No comments »

Remember this Friday, June 25th is the 1st (Bi-Weekly) KCDC X Motor City Happy Hour. Join Everyone from the shop as well as friends, and random lurkers for the drinks and madness. Also, we will be premiering “A KCDC Featurette” a Super 8 promo film by: Bill Pierce and Peter Sidlauskas featuring the KCDC team. Obviously because it is at a bar, the event is 21&Over. Drink specials are from 7pm-10pm, film starts at 8:30.



24 June 2010, 02.30 | Posted in art, skateboard | No comments »

whatit.be makes dope hardware kits! My boy Nolan Lee who is down with whatit.be hooked me up on GSD. They are also a collective group of artist and skaters keeping the mases wheels and eyes to the streets of the East Coast happenings. Thanks my doods! Love the packaging even though its been done before, but that might be why heads keep running it! “Its a Dope Idea”!

GSD 2010 NYC

23 June 2010, 09.20 | Posted in skateboard | 1 comment »

This was one for the record books. “Go Skateboard Day 2010″ started around noon out in front of my friends Michelle and Jose’s Skateboard Shop, Homage. Skated all over downtown Brooklyn before skating over the Manhattan Bridge to meet up with the rest of “GSD Crew”. Skated all over the LES and the LES Park. Then over the Willybonkers Bridge to KCDC but before getting there we hit up some outside bars on Bedford and cheered on the rest of the “GSD Crew”. I think I watched over a thousand skaters pass the bar.
This was the official start.
Homage crew heading over Manhattan Bridge.
Picture 2
L.E.S. skate park.
Picture 3
Pro Skaters, Peter Bici, Lizard King and MU$ka!
Picture 4
Big thanks to SteveR owner of 5boro for organizing NYC’s GSD. Good to see you Dan!
SHUT Groms!
Picture 6
Thanks again to the best Skateboard Scene in the world. Good times Wise Guy Luke, Shawn Powers, BRad Collector, Alex? and everyone who Skateboards!
Picture 7

Supreme Sucks

23 June 2010, 04.50 | Posted in skateboard | 3 comments »

Supreme Sucks tee, Wow, do we know if this kid made it out of New York safely after “Go Skateboard Day” 2010.

DRAW: Mexico City

20 June 2010, 00.09 | Posted in art, skateboard | No comments »

Picture 3
Thank you Erik for taking the time out of your busy schedule on the day of the opening for DRAW in Mexico City.
“It’s been a lot of hard work but it’s done and a huge step for all of us.
Museum level and a book is in the process.
I love this town!!!” – Words and Photos By Erik Foss of Fuse Gallery, NYC.
DRAW is the largest contemporary drawing exhibition to emerge out of New York City. It is a must-see art exhibition featuring original drawings by more than 400 artists in the illustration, graffiti, tattoo, literature, design, animation, skateboard, music, psychedelic art worlds. The show is a tribute to the often-underrated but fundamental building block of visual and graphic art: the drawing.

Skate Tool Time

18 June 2010, 20.21 | Posted in skateboard | No comments »

I got a great skateboard tool for all you tools! Mabasi designed a great skateboard tool that represents Swiss craftsmanship. Grab one at your local skateboard shop or head over to Supreme NYC.

“Skate Porn” Exhibit Chapter 1

17 June 2010, 17.51 | Posted in skateboard | No comments »

“Skate Porn”, Exhibit Chapter 1 is the first installation of many to come…
Photos by Michael A. Cohen

Full Bleed Maloof $ Cup Closing Party

10 June 2010, 10.44 | Posted in Photography, art, skateboard | 1 comment »

I will have the Maloof Money Cup pictures from Saturday and Sunday up soon, but for now I bring you the Full Bleed Party. Enjoy the pics in order of the evening.
DJ’s Shadi and LES Smoke
Alex Corporan
Bryce Kanights
Pat Parnell, The Arab Parrot, Steve Olson, Luis Tolentino, Sean Malto and T.K.
Picture 7
And then we went to MAX FiSH.
Picture 8
Thanks for coming out and supporting the book and to those of you who helped me close MAX FISH and Epstein’s!
Picture 9


09 June 2010, 17.07 | Posted in Music | 1 comment »

Picture 5
Come out to KING KILLER STUDIOS Friday Nite and throw down with
Brooklyn’s SCRAPERS and VAGINA PANTHER, get drunk smoke weed and tell everyone how much better your weekend was and how they missed out! F train to smith and 9 street located on the corner of 69 2nd ave and 9th…doors 8:30