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Michael Cohen

GSD 2010 NYC

23 June 2010, 09.20 | Posted in skateboard | 1 comment »

This was one for the record books. “Go Skateboard Day 2010″ started around noon out in front of my friends Michelle and Jose’s Skateboard Shop, Homage. Skated all over downtown Brooklyn before skating over the Manhattan Bridge to meet up with the rest of “GSD Crew”. Skated all over the LES and the LES Park. Then over the Willybonkers Bridge to KCDC but before getting there we hit up some outside bars on Bedford and cheered on the rest of the “GSD Crew”. I think I watched over a thousand skaters pass the bar.
This was the official start.
Homage crew heading over Manhattan Bridge.
Picture 2
L.E.S. skate park.
Picture 3
Pro Skaters, Peter Bici, Lizard King and MU$ka!
Picture 4
Big thanks to SteveR owner of 5boro for organizing NYC’s GSD. Good to see you Dan!
SHUT Groms!
Picture 6
Thanks again to the best Skateboard Scene in the world. Good times Wise Guy Luke, Shawn Powers, BRad Collector, Alex? and everyone who Skateboards!
Picture 7

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  1. Brad:

    I had mad fun that day….. dope post!! Oiiiii!! bring that back.

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