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Michael Cohen

Saint Michael

29 January 2011, 01.04 | Posted in Frends | No comments »

This past Wednesday night I was out with some friends in the East Village to see a show at Mercury. ( thank you Sara! ) We walked in at like 9pm ish and got out at 11 to find the city streets in a complete white out. It was intense. Taxi’s and dumb drivers slipping all over the city streets. We ended up at Doc Holidays to shoot some pool and then off to The Fish. On my way home I decided to walk back to Brooklyn over the Manhattan bridge instead of getting into a bald tire shitty winter driver taxi. The walk was not too bad and I made good time and took tons of kool photos on my cell phone…But when I was like 3 blocks from my house I found some suit passed out in a snow bank wasted! Like a good neighbor I helped him into his apartment and out of the cold. If I didn’t spot and save that dood he would be dead or frozen for sure. I left my cell number on a pad he had on his coffee table saying ” I’m the guy who saved your life! ” signed, Saint Michael. Click Read More for Photos

Now this is “Brian”, The Suit I saved.
I finally made it HOME!
And thank you Stance Socks for keeping my feet dry and warm.

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