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Michael Cohen

New Amsterdam Bike Show Reminder

29 April 2011, 22.33 | Posted in Bicycles | No comments »

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Hey guys, just wanted to shoot out a quick reminder about the New Amsterdam Bike Show, coming up tomorrow! Chris Speyer, VP of Raleigh America and President of the BSPA will be speaking at 3pm as a part of the Bikelandia series, where he will discuss our upcoming launch of a new Raleigh brain-child website called MyCyclingEvent. This is a new cause-ride initiative for us, where users can upload content on charity rides around the country, or find rides that Raleigh is already participating in, along with other nutritional tips, expert advice, community forums, etc. If you make it to anything, I’d love to have you at this!
Other things to be around for – beer will start flowing at 1pm, coffee and food will be served all day, and Raleigh be giving away a bike every two hours, starting at noon. If you miss out on those, you’ll have plenty of other chances to get free product, check out new bikes from upcoming lines, and meet with other passionate bikers who want to see cycling integrated into our culture as much as cars. Also, there is about to be a raging after party at the Chrome store…don’t miss out.
Click here for more info. via Hayter PR.

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