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Michael Cohen

New York Subway Skating

28 October 2011, 19.33 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

Nice work Slap Mag! Always been a fan of thinking outside the “Car”.

So, “My Friend”

22 October 2011, 22.53 | Posted in Tech | No comments »

So, “My Friend” has this awesome weed kit. It’s called the Allin1-e and it’s dope! Super stealth, sleek manufacturing, odor proof, water proof and convenient…So I’ve heard.


On October 5, 2011, Steve Jobs passed away.

17 October 2011, 19.58 | Posted in Tech | No comments »

On October 5, 2011, Steve Jobs passed away. He will be missed by all of his Apple Users and Pixar Fans! Myself included. I was introduced to Apple computers in HS 89′ ish. I have had about 6 different models over the years and was psyched on all of them. Huge fan on the evolution in design and operating. AND the Ipod and Iphone!!! I will leave it at that and it wont be the same when new products are announced.

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Tom Bond on Broadway

11 October 2011, 07.30 | Posted in art | No comments »

Tom Bond showcased his art this past week “On Broadway”
Blades Downtown in lower Manhattan turned their store into a gallery for the night and for a very talented Blades Alumni. His work will be up for viewing as well as for purchase till mid November along with another Blades Alumni and Radcollector Family Kerri & Marvin of Good Wood. The party was packed with present and past employees, friends of Blades and the NYC art and skateboard community. Thanks to Tom and Blades for being an awesome host and thank you BOMB Lager. Check out read more for pics

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“Its a new sport but I think its got a good future”

05 October 2011, 03.55 | Posted in Snowskate | No comments »

“Its a new sport but I think its got a good future” Great quote from John Cusack in “Say Anything”. He was talking about kickboxing and yes kickboxing will always be huge…right. But this is a snowskate video that I personally think is going to have a great future. via awsm.com

Elliot Sloan first ever 900 tailgrab on Mini-Mega-Ramp

02 October 2011, 21.16 | Posted in skateboard | No comments »

At the buzzer, last try, in Kimberley, South Africa during Maloof Money Cup Mini-Mega best trick, Elliot pulls the first ever 900 tailgrab in competition.