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Michael Cohen

Hey guy go kill yourself

16 April 2012, 03.29 | Posted in entertainment | No comments »

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“Hey guy go kill yourself, this movie is going to be awesome”, comment by thereal240sx. I agree with you! I am psyched to see “Ted”. But despite this youtube channel “Trailer or Failure” host who thinks its gonna suck…this Guy Sucks! Worst host on youtube ever. Fuck this fat pig movie critic. Who is he and what does he know. And I’m not alone on this. Check out all the comments dissing this fat bastard. BTW, my mom and dad who are not fans of The Family Guy were hysterically laughing when I showed them the trailer. See you at the movies on July 13th. I cant wait till this is out.

Department of Bud

04 April 2012, 05.05 | Posted in Weed, skateboard | No comments »

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This video is Dope! No, I mean real Dope! My buddy Nolan Lee of POW Skateboards just dropped this sick NYC skateboard video “Department of Bud” for the release of their new Decks, Tees and Stickers. I swear you can take this out and Skate it and when you get home you can smoke it…or at least use it as a rolling tray if you don’t skate.