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Michael Cohen

“Snowboardless in Seattle”

13 March 2013, 08.58 | Posted in Snowboard, Uncategorized | No comments »

“The 28th Annual Legendary Banked Slalom” held at Mt. Baker, Washington was once again an epic experience. I had gone for the first time last year and swore that I would return to this monumental event. Plus having downtown Seattle to hang out in before the short trip to Mt. Baker is perfect. It’s a great city for nightlife, skateboard scene and kick ass bars and restaurants. So after a day of hanging in the city we were ready to head up to Baker. Only a 3 hour drive from Seattle with my buddy Jake Hanson of Coal Headwear who was our amazing host! Thank you Coal Crew and C3 for everything and the rad demo gear. My good friends Craig Wetherby of “The Good Life” and #snowgods joined us on our journey. The race is always cool to check out. You get to see all the legends you looked up to, current shredders you have known and all the little up and coming rippers. But when you have Mt. Baker as the backdrop for this amazing race it’s hard but to not just go shred the mountain…so we did! Have fun checking out all my photos. It’s more than I would normally post but this is “The Bank Slalom”. Click read more for pics…

View of the starting tent from a far.
Nicolas Muller out shredding the course.
Our good buddy Josh Rosen of Saturday’s Surf NYC made it to Finals!
Great seeing Kevin Pearce hanging with good “frends” Craig Wetherby.
Russell Winfield, Terje Håkonsen and Rip Zinger…Nice Hat Russ!
Russell and fellow RadCollector columnist Laura Hadar. Unite “Fried RATS”!
Shaun Palmer was on the hill! Have not seen that dood on the hill since the 90’s US Open’s.
Scotty Wittlake looking just as psyched as me to watch Palmer race!
Temple Cummins destroying the course! And making top ten as always. Nice work!
Lib Tech, Proudly Shredded in the USA!
Nate Holland Rules!
This was happening while we were riding above this cliff about 20 30 feet away…Crazy!
I’ll work on getting my peeps kits stunt man. Larry Nunez of Vans Snow, Craig Wetherby and Jake Hanson make their way to say hello to the #snowgods.
Thank you Salmon doods for working the mountain in the winter and the seas in summer. Best Salmon Ever! And this is a traditional thing. So if you want in next year start planing your trip in the Spring time! See you in Seattle Winter 2014!

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