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Michael Cohen

Hey guy go kill yourself

16 April 2012, 03.29 | Posted in entertainment | No comments »

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“Hey guy go kill yourself, this movie is going to be awesome”, comment by thereal240sx. I agree with you! I am psyched to see “Ted”. But despite this youtube channel “Trailer or Failure” host who thinks its gonna suck…this Guy Sucks! Worst host on youtube ever. Fuck this fat pig movie critic. Who is he and what does he know. And I’m not alone on this. Check out all the comments dissing this fat bastard. BTW, my mom and dad who are not fans of The Family Guy were hysterically laughing when I showed them the trailer. See you at the movies on July 13th. I cant wait till this is out.

“Look’it the birds up in da treees”

09 January 2011, 06.51 | Posted in entertainment | No comments »

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“Look’it the birds up in da treees” Classic line from a Bear named Chuck on a sled.

“I’m Rich Bitch”

27 August 2010, 16.45 | Posted in entertainment | No comments »

“I’m Rich Bitch”! Lower East Side Living with Donnell Rawlings.

Dinosaur Rap

20 May 2010, 08.38 | Posted in entertainment | No comments »

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Prof that Man and Dinosaur have been rhyming since day one! Brought to you by “The Whitest Kids U’ Know”

The Young Ones – Nozin’ Aroun’

17 April 2010, 21.10 | Posted in Music, entertainment | No comments »

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When I was a young Punk Skater in the early 80’s, I watched a show called “The Young Ones” religiously after school. It was one of MTV’s first TV shows ( when MTV was broadcasting out some kids basement in New Jersey ). I recently found my VHS collections that I recorded of the tube and have been getting back into the show reliving my mislead youth. This show was my introduction to the London Rock, Ska & Punk sounds. Bands like Motörhead, Madness, Nine Below Zero and the Theme Song to the Show performed by the Great Cliff Richard.
They also had these hilarious side skits to the show. My favorite one was Nozin’ Aroun’.

Javier Nunez aka Wilfredo Gomez in the Video!

08 April 2010, 08.04 | Posted in Music, entertainment, skateboard | No comments »

YouTube Preview Image
Javier Nunez aka Wilfredo Gomez in the Video!
SHUT Skater, Javier Nunez chilling in the video for the HBO’s “How To Make It In America”s opening track. Name of the song/video is “I Need A Dollar” by Aloe Blacc’s single from the forthcoming album Good Things (Stones Throw).

Smashing Ipad

02 April 2010, 05.33 | Posted in entertainment | No comments »

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You have to check out the Video follow up by Tosh.0 on his site.

Fuel TV Invades NYC

31 March 2010, 07.24 | Posted in Snowboard, Surfing, entertainment | No comments »

Last week I had the privilege of being invited to check out Fuel TV’s, The Daily Habit’s visit to New York. Unfortunately I didn’t get see any of the 3 day filming or even get to be a guest on the show but I was privy to check out the elaborate set. Classic NYC Photos, Skateboards, Surfboards, awesome crowd of old and new friends landscaped the NY Bathhouse Studios.
Great job! Alex Corporan, Ivory Serra and my new friend Beth Lyden.
Dope SHUT Deck!

Worst Movie Ever…But.

06 February 2010, 10.19 | Posted in entertainment | No comments »

This has got to be some money laundry project. Definitely the worst winter related movie ever. Someone needs to bring back “Hot Dog” the movie, in some sort of new age snowboard flick, oh wait they did ( “Out Cold” ) and that sucked too!
I caught this horrific preview on my favorite local New York channel, NY1. The review was about to give this flick a Zero rating but then Neil Rosen pulled a late shuvit and gave it one and half Apples out of four, for the laugh factor! Worst rating I have seen on NY1 in a long time.
So there are so many flaws in this movie like wolves at a local resort, no patrol last sweep, no cell phones and the list goes on. But, I need to point out the most obvious one… the Snowboarder would have not gotten on the chairlift w/ a skier!