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Michael Cohen

Hey L.A. Your # 1

22 January 2011, 00.24 | Posted in Environmental | No comments »

Congratulations Los Angeles…Your Number One with New York coming in a close second. via NY1


Going Green is NOT a Fad!

22 September 2010, 20.31 | Posted in Environmental, fashion | No comments »

Going Green is NOT a Fad! Just ask my buddy Kaight who just opened her second retail shop in Brooklyn. Kaight’s selection of woman’s eco friendly brands will assure you that going green is not just some fad.

July 5th, 2010

06 July 2010, 03.57 | Posted in Environmental | 1 comment »

I would have melted if I wasn’t invited to the LES Thompson Pool! Temperatures peaking into the 100 degree mark in New York City this weekend you have 2 options, 1. Stay indoors with the A/C, and 2. Go to the POOL at the Thompson Hotel! Sunday the 4th my buddy Jake L threw a dope pool party with tons of beautiful New Yorkers. The following day I woke up and had to get more of that pool. My friend Kate and Tim from DC, guest of the hotel invited me and my friend Jane over to extend our awesome 4th weekend!
Thanks to all the staff at the hotel, Shang’s awesome sushi and all the poolside peeps for the amazing weekend!

Coming to your Bar soon!

14 March 2010, 00.07 | Posted in Environmental | 1 comment »

Many beer brands speak to men in a shared tone showing to them that they really understand their needs. Yet, up to know, all intentions where express by a message without and action plan. Andes, the leader beer in the Andina Region of Argentina, presents: Andes Beer: Teletransporter – a revolutionary invention capable of doing something almost impossible: men can now go to a bar and share an Andes beer with friends without having any problems with their girlfriends. Andes Teletransporter Booths have been installed at the main bars of Mendoza, Argentina. Einstein mentioned that teletransportation was impossible since objects could not conduct faster than light. Einstein was wrong!

Legal Notice: Teleportation does not cause any physical non psychological damages. It helps and encourages long lasting couples and friendships. To lie is a sin, teleport is not!

Warning: Your Cell Phone May Be Hazardous to Your Health

10 March 2010, 03.38 | Posted in Environmental | No comments »

“Until there are bodies in the streets,” he said, “I don’t think anything is going to change.”
This is a must read to all me cell phones user!
You can read the full article at GQ Magazine.