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Michael Cohen

FUCK YOU TMZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

22 July 2011, 08.12 | Posted in Frends, skateboard | 1 comment »

Screen shot 2011-07-22 at 1.50.35 AM
FUCK YOU TMZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr. Chad aka “my nigga” Muska is one of greatest skateboarders of 2 generations in the Art of Skateboarding. And when I say “arts” I mean his style of innovational skateboarding, gallery acclaimed art work and mother fucking trend setters! Chad brought us Shorty’s Fulfill The Dream part, Muska Beat’s and the stash pocket in the tongue, for Christ sake TMZ! This is like fucking with a Michael Jordan figure in the sports world. I understand picking on Jeremy Rogers aka J.Casonova. But Mr. Muska is not TMZ radar and I think you need to just focus on making fun of the “Reality “Poser” Celebrity” and stop messing with the real skateboarders…Thank you radcollector readers for letting me get that out.


Saint Michael

29 January 2011, 01.04 | Posted in Frends | No comments »

This past Wednesday night I was out with some friends in the East Village to see a show at Mercury. ( thank you Sara! ) We walked in at like 9pm ish and got out at 11 to find the city streets in a complete white out. It was intense. Taxi’s and dumb drivers slipping all over the city streets. We ended up at Doc Holidays to shoot some pool and then off to The Fish. On my way home I decided to walk back to Brooklyn over the Manhattan bridge instead of getting into a bald tire shitty winter driver taxi. The walk was not too bad and I made good time and took tons of kool photos on my cell phone…But when I was like 3 blocks from my house I found some suit passed out in a snow bank wasted! Like a good neighbor I helped him into his apartment and out of the cold. If I didn’t spot and save that dood he would be dead or frozen for sure. I left my cell number on a pad he had on his coffee table saying ” I’m the guy who saved your life! ” signed, Saint Michael. Click Read More for Photos

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19 January 2011, 08.08 | Posted in Frends | No comments »


… Not only did I see him at AGENDA running the Neff Booth but I found him later lampin at MILK Studios!

ING New York City Marathon

02 November 2010, 22.42 | Posted in Frends | No comments »

Luis Calderin, principal of OKAY!! OKAY!! is excited to announce his participation in the renowned ING New York City Marathon on November 7, 2010. Calderin was asked to join Team Stoked, the division of runners for Stoked Mentoring. All of the money that Team Stoked raises will directly support Stoked Mentoring’s skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding programs. Calderin hopes to raise more than the minimum $2,500 through a limited edition line of OKAY!! OKAY!! marathon and running-themed hoodies, posters, and pins for sale on his fundraising website, which can be found at bit.ly/okokteamstoked.

I’m in Miami Bitch!

07 October 2010, 08.57 | Posted in Frends, Music, Nitelife, Photography, skateboard | 2 comments »

This past weekend I flew to Miami for the Full Bleed Book Exhibit presented by Vice at Black Bar, aka The Max Fish of Miami. Got down on Friday morning and checked into The Standard Spa and Hotel with NYC friends. We had a grip of rooms poolside and spent majority of our free time at the pool and spa. The event was Saturday night and it was a huge success! My super rad cousins Heather and Suzy showed up along with tons of close friends and NYC transplants. All night I felt like I was back in NY between the bars atmosphere and DJ Elle on the ones and twos, it was a bizarro LES feel. Party went late and I had to bounce to take advantage of the 24 hour pool at the hotel.
Surviving Sunday after the gig I had no problems dragging myself to the beach for the recovery from the night before. Which was needed so I could be on point for The Standards Bingo night hosted by Miss Erica “Spelling Champ” Frickling. After Bingo we went to Joel’s party, “Chocolate Sunday’s”. Party is dope! Had a blast.
The whole long weekend was amazing. RAD time in Miami and I will see you all soon!
Thank you Alex, Ivory and Andre for selecting my photo to be in the book, page 212 and for the photo being part of the gallery events in NY, LA, Miami and…
I would also like to thank Remy and Lauren at Vice and SHUT. Thank you to my New Miami kids Pres Rodriguez of Black Bar, DJ Keen One, The Standards Claudia and Erica, Robert Santiago, David Boxwill, Joel Meinholz and The Homies at MIA Skate Shop.
Click More For Pictures.

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Chrome NYC Flagship Store Opening

27 August 2010, 17.40 | Posted in Bicycles, Frends, Music, Nitelife, Photography, Snowboard, skateboard | No comments »

Chrome NYC Flagship Store Opening was the spot to be last night! This was one of the top store openings I have been to in a while.
All Hail Cardiel was on the turntables, David Shadi Perez photo exhibit, open bars and The Meatball Shop catered the whole thing!
Thank you Alex and Jason for the invite and to the entire Chrome Staff!
I had to fan out…. its JC yo!
Shana towering over Jes.
Shana and Jessica
Mikey & Matty
T Razo
What up Roxy!
“Mr. Wonka”
And Thanks once again to Daniel of “The Meatball Shop”. Wise Guy Approved.
Twills Weighs in at 13 Meatballs

Ryan’s Traffik Jam

22 August 2010, 19.09 | Posted in Frends, skateboard | No comments »

YouTube Preview Image
Ryan Decenzo came by the SHUT Shop yesterday during the weekend of Manny Mania. While Ryan and his buddy Gabe of Red Bull were checking out the shop they told me to peep this clip! As sick as it is, its Kooler watching it with Ryan. This kid is killing it right now. Be sure to see his part in the new Transworld video “Hallelujah“.

Guest Post

30 July 2010, 20.14 | Posted in Frends | No comments »

Screen shot small fram ac story RCpost
I never had a guest post on my column before but this is from my buddy over at SKATEDAILY.net. Please read the kind words by Derek “Small Frame” Rinaldi about our favorite NYC kid Alex Corporan.
Alex Corporan is one energetic individual. How’s that for an understatement? If there is a skate contest in New York City, Alex is usually one of the dudes with a megaphone. If there is a shoe release party, guitar battle or, ‘Hey it’s a Wednesday’ party, his name is usually on the flyer and is one of the first to arrive and the last to leave. For the past three years, along with his duties at Etnies, Alex has been compiling photos for the Full Bleed book, along with his partners Ivory Serra and Andre Razo. They had their first party for the book just after the Maloof Cup had wrapped up in the beginning of June. Then came the Full Bleed gallery exhibit at Milk Studios. The set up, the opening and then the finale of a week long showing that was attended by upwards of 1200 people. Two days later, Alex was one of four New York OG’s to celebrate the release of tribute boards from Raised Fist Skateboards and before he had time to get a hangover, he was on his way to Woodward to emcee Manny Mania. Managing a schedule like this, one has to wonder when there was even time to conceive a child but, then again, you can never be too busy for some lovin’. Maybe we should all take more time out of our busy schedules for the some of the same–with or without the conception part. Congratulations to Alex and Sheila on the birth of their baby girl, Sydney. Here’s to a generation of children on the children of your children.
Love & Respect
Derek Rinaldi
P.S. Next round at Epstein’s is on me!!!