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Michael Cohen

Vermont’s Best Kept Secret

20 February 2015, 21.22 | Posted in Snowboard, Vermont | No comments »

This Place is Magic! Seriously… its called “Magic Mountain” and its tucked away in Southern Vermont. When it dumps this is the place. Check out this edit from Rossdaboss Production! Thanks for sharing @ridevermont !

Save the Date “Snowboarding: For Me”

08 October 2014, 19.58 | Posted in Snowboard | No comments »

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 1.57.27 PM
Save the Date “Snowboarding: For Me” Premieres in New York City, Sunshine Cinema, Nov. 4, 2014. The all-star line-up includes snowboarding pioneers Terje Håkonsen, Eero Ettala and JP Walker, Olympians Danny Kass, Shaun White, Mark McMorris and Ståle Sandbech, and backcountry specialists Jake Blauvelt and Nicolas Müller, and more!
“I want to inspire people to go ride, be creative, be yourself, have fun,” said style icon Nicolas Müller. “I know life is serious, but that’s why we have snowboarding.” Peep Trailer here
#SnowboardingForMe @OakleySnowboarding

Vermont Open “An event designed for snowboarders by snowboarders”

26 February 2014, 23.56 | Posted in Snowboard | No comments »

Stratton Mountain and The Washed Up Cup bring you THE VERMONT OPEN, an event designed for snowboarders by snowboarders. There’s over $20,000 in prize money. For one weekend, snowboarders of all pedigrees come together to ride, compete, party and enjoy the snow. It’s a highlight of the season that’s not to be missed. This is truly open. The competition is open to all snowboarders and designed for amateurs, juniors, pros and snowboarding’s legends to compete in the same arena. Supporting the Ross Powers Foundation/Level Fund.
And be sure to stop by the SHUT booth!

Demo Days 2014 Recap

07 February 2014, 08.30 | Posted in Snowboard | No comments »

Relaxing in a Vermont cabin watching the Olympic Previews, Jay Leno’s Last Show and checking out some photos from this weeks Demo Days at Stratton. Check out all my pics here.

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Oakley Airwave 1.5

05 October 2013, 21.26 | Posted in Snowboard | No comments »

YouTube Preview Image
Oakley Airwave 1.5 Goggles are on some next level. Kids get psyched for these showing up in your local Shred shop! They bring your music, trail maps, speed, buddy tracking, smartphone connectivity, vertical, jump analytics and navigation right in your face giving you more time and awareness on the hill. I think my office just got closer to the mountains. Thank you once again Oakley for being ahead of the curve.

“Snowboardless in Seattle”

13 March 2013, 08.58 | Posted in Snowboard, Uncategorized | No comments »

“The 28th Annual Legendary Banked Slalom” held at Mt. Baker, Washington was once again an epic experience. I had gone for the first time last year and swore that I would return to this monumental event. Plus having downtown Seattle to hang out in before the short trip to Mt. Baker is perfect. It’s a great city for nightlife, skateboard scene and kick ass bars and restaurants. So after a day of hanging in the city we were ready to head up to Baker. Only a 3 hour drive from Seattle with my buddy Jake Hanson of Coal Headwear who was our amazing host! Thank you Coal Crew and C3 for everything and the rad demo gear. My good friends Craig Wetherby of “The Good Life” and #snowgods joined us on our journey. The race is always cool to check out. You get to see all the legends you looked up to, current shredders you have known and all the little up and coming rippers. But when you have Mt. Baker as the backdrop for this amazing race it’s hard but to not just go shred the mountain…so we did! Have fun checking out all my photos. It’s more than I would normally post but this is “The Bank Slalom”. Click read more for pics…

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Fun is had cuttin laps with the homies!

23 January 2013, 05.59 | Posted in Snowboard | No comments »

Great words and actions from the man himself… Russell Winfield. By far one of my favorite East Coast Rippers now out in Mount Baker. Russell was New England’s snowboarding legend back in the 90’s and is now making his mark in the Pacific Northwest with his new company Birdseye Production. It’s his new platform talking shred from a shredders perspective. Awesome interviews and fresh content straight from the mountain. Be sure to drop in for news, music and videos in Russell’s snowboard world.

Full Bleed Burton Boards parties with “The Good Life”

17 November 2012, 00.06 | Posted in Snowboard | No comments »

Last night “The Good Life” crew throw a dope party for the release of the Full Bleed Burton Snowboards. The Burton store in soho was packed with friends from the NYC skateboard community, NYC’s SnowShredders, friends form Vermont and tons of NY’s kool party kids. Thanks to the Meatball Shop, PBR, Smirnoff, Burton, DJ Smoke L.E.S, Full Bleed’s Alex, Ivory & Andre and “The Good Life Crew”! Click read more for more of my photos.

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16 March 2012, 23.19 | Posted in Snowboard | No comments »

METHOD MAG | BURTON US OPEN GALLERY 2012. This year was the 30th Anniversary of the Burton US Open at Stratton, Vermont. I have been going since 1996 to the open and this past one was monumental on so many levels. Great shows including Method Man and Redman, The Boardlords and DJ A-Dog. Shredding with friends like “The Good Life”, Black Ops, Radcollector kids, and the man himself Jake Burton. Check out Method Mag for some of my photos along with more photos by Nic Alegre and Trevor Murphy for this amazing compilation. Thanks to our Radcollector columnist for the kick as post and words!

The Boardloards | US OPEN Washed Up Cup After Party 2012

08 March 2012, 21.48 | Posted in Snowboard, Vermont | No comments »

Fuck Yeah! The Boardlords are Playing the US Open Washed Up Cup After Party!!! It’s tomorrow night 9pm at The Green Door in the Stratton Village in Vermont. Sponsored by SHUT Skateboards. See you on the hill tomorrow Boardlords!