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Michael Cohen

Oakley Since 1985

09 May 2015, 08.33 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 12.39.46 AM
THANK YOU OAKLEY For Sharing the In Residence experience with me on such an intimate level…the way Skateboarding should be shared!
I have been a fan, a proud supporter, a flow rider and a community member of the Oakley Brand since 1985. They have supported me in Skateboarding, Snowboarding and Life. As I type this post I am wearing Oakley RX glasses to help me see what I am writing!
So last week I had the pleasure of checking out the In Residence LA Skateboard Park and a bunch of other kool stuff. Check out one of my recent post for what this event was all about in detail. I went to my first Pro Surf event as well. Which was amazing! I have a bunch of pics for you all to check out.
Cover photo is L/R Andy Jenkins, Felix Arguelles, Eric Koston and Atiba Jefferson.
AND click read more to check out my photos/review!

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SHUT X The Meatball Shop Party Recap

10 August 2014, 00.39 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

SHUT X The Meatball Shop “Grinder’ deck Party Recap! When you serve up amazing Meatballs, PBR Beer, Kool Beats by DJ Smoke LES, Fred Water and 200 New Yorkers on a closed block… you’re gonna have a BLOW OUT Block PARTY! People were dancing, skateboarding and getting their grub & buzz on in the streets of the Lower East Side. The Meatball Shop and SHUT skateboards also showcased their new deck called the “Grinder”. The shape of the deck was architected by SHUT’s Mat Terwilliger and the art work was done by SHUT Fam Steve Ellis. His work will be shown at SHUT Gallery for another month. Stay tuned for closing party details!
Photo’s by Peter Pabon, Steve Ellis and Michael Cohen… Click Read More for pic!

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Lair Mobb Presents “Blazed” 2013

01 October 2013, 02.21 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

“Yup just dropped tonight. Enjoy!!!” Words and amazing video by Michael Cirelli. So I was about to head home after a long grueling day working in the Skateboard Industry and my homie sent me this link to the new Liar Mobb Video, ‘Blazed” and its sick! SHUT Skaters Mike Powley and Jason Klotz killed it along with so many East Coast rippers like JJ Colon, Fred Gall, Charlie Wilkins and the list goes on…Jereme Rogers, Ricky Oyola, Abdias Rivera, Jahmal Williams, T-MAC, Doug Moore, Joel Meinholz, Fritz Mead, Erik Munday, the 5-boro Team, TJ Schick, Jim Grant, Josh Arnold, Keven Hammond, T-Ruz, Jeff Barnes, Little Joey, Rain Man Tim, Timberlake, Joel, Matt Spence, and Alex Maldonado.

“Left Overs”

29 August 2013, 01.12 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

“Left Overs” with SHUT Skateboarder Mike Powley. Mike picked out all his “left over” footage from the past 2 years to drop this edit. Hope you all enjoy!! Follow Mike Powley via instagram @_mikepowley
Filmed by: Manny, Spanish Mike, Xavier Veal, James Buchman, Evan Walsh & Michael Cirelli
edited by: Michael Cirelli instagram @cirelliworks

The History of the Zoo York Mixtape

01 August 2013, 21.23 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

YouTube Preview Image
Big Shot On The East Coast!: The History of the Zoo York Mixtape. One of my Favorite east Coast Skateboard Videos!
Be sure to check this great interview By Aaron Frank. KIDS… this is a must READ! Click here for full story!

“Snowboardless in Seattle”

13 March 2013, 08.58 | Posted in Snowboard, Uncategorized | No comments »

“The 28th Annual Legendary Banked Slalom” held at Mt. Baker, Washington was once again an epic experience. I had gone for the first time last year and swore that I would return to this monumental event. Plus having downtown Seattle to hang out in before the short trip to Mt. Baker is perfect. It’s a great city for nightlife, skateboard scene and kick ass bars and restaurants. So after a day of hanging in the city we were ready to head up to Baker. Only a 3 hour drive from Seattle with my buddy Jake Hanson of Coal Headwear who was our amazing host! Thank you Coal Crew and C3 for everything and the rad demo gear. My good friends Craig Wetherby of “The Good Life” and #snowgods joined us on our journey. The race is always cool to check out. You get to see all the legends you looked up to, current shredders you have known and all the little up and coming rippers. But when you have Mt. Baker as the backdrop for this amazing race it’s hard but to not just go shred the mountain…so we did! Have fun checking out all my photos. It’s more than I would normally post but this is “The Bank Slalom”. Click read more for pics…

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Praxis | X-Large Party Recap

26 January 2013, 19.41 | Posted in Uncategorized, skateboard | No comments »

Screen shot 2013-01-26 at 1.16.46 AM
Praxis | X-Large shoe release party was awesome and the shoe was the highlight of this party! NYC local DJ’s Smoke LES and TJ Mizell owned the crow while Sailor Jerry and PBR kept it live till late night.
Thanks again to my fellow RC columnist and co host Alex Corporan.
Thank you CCS, Skullcandy Headphones, Praxis Footwear, X-Large Clothing, Pabst Blue Ribbon, White Rabbit Bar, Sailor Jerry Rum, SHUT Skateboardsand the DJ’s for killing it!
Photo’s By Peter Pabon, click read more to peep pics!

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MILK MADE | Ben Watts Recap

06 September 2012, 21.56 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

Fashion “weak” is in the air and on the waves. Ben Watts photos and Channel Island Surfboards party Presented by MADE Fashion Week was amazing as always. Thank you MILK crew. Personally I would be sorta distracted shredding on these boards. Be sure to cop your own…they are only $3,000.
Peep pics after the jump.

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MEHRATHON MIX 2 by DJ COSMO (Early 90’s Skate Mix)

26 December 2011, 03.56 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

FREE Holiday mixtape from The Mehrathon doods up in Canada Eh! The Mixtape is a collection of influential skateboard music from the early and mid 90’s. Assembled by DJ Cosmo, the mixtape aims at taking listeners back to an underground time in skateboarding and hip hop music where big pants and philly blunts were the norm… With interviews and shout-outs from some of yesterdays OGs and today’s skateboard rippers, this is a must-listen-to. Featuring: Chad Muska, Gino Iannucci, Shane Heyl, Jim Greco, Jeff Pang, Quim Cardona, Raven Tershy, John Montessi, Nick Diamond and many others…

Tony Manfre in Hawaii

22 November 2011, 02.32 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

YouTube Preview Image
Tony Manfre in Hawaii. Filmed and Edited in 24 hours by Chad Heronemus Photography. Tony Manfre skates the legendary Wallows, A’ala skatepark, and downtown Honolulu. Featuring the song “The Rightful Organizer” by Lee Perry.