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Michael Cohen

Oakley Since 1985

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THANK YOU OAKLEY For Sharing the In Residence experience with me on such an intimate level…the way Skateboarding should be shared!
I have been a fan, a proud supporter, a flow rider and a community member of the Oakley Brand since 1985. They have supported me in Skateboarding, Snowboarding and Life. As I type this post I am wearing Oakley RX glasses to help me see what I am writing!
So last week I had the pleasure of checking out the In Residence LA Skateboard Park and a bunch of other kool stuff. Check out one of my recent post for what this event was all about in detail. I went to my first Pro Surf event as well. Which was amazing! I have a bunch of pics for you all to check out.
Cover photo is L/R Andy Jenkins, Felix Arguelles, Eric Koston and Atiba Jefferson.
AND click read more to check out my photos/review!

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April 24 through May 10, Oakley opens “Oakley in Residence: Los Angeles” – a creative hangout space and pop-up skate park to explore, participate in and celebrate a shared obsession for creativity in skate.
Part creative space, part skateboarding destination, Oakley in Residence: Los Angeles is free and open to the public.

Located at 7763 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, the venue will be open daily from 11am – 8pm and offer a weekly schedule of workshops, exhibitions, athlete meet-ups, skate sessions and film screenings.
It is the first of three “Oakley in Residence” brand hubs designed to fuel passion rooted in sport as part of the company’s global ONE OBSESSION campaign that invites people around the world to join the #LiveYours movement, share their passion and inspire others.

Skateboarder, Eric Koston, featured in the ONE OBSESSION campaign, inspired the concept and programming of Oakley in Residence: Los Angeles with connections to his personal place of obsession (Los Angeles), art, creativity and skate culture.

Beginning April 24, skate artist collective, The Art Dump, will bring to life eight legendary local skate spots, from the depths of the Pink Motel to the sets of Santa Monica, in an art exhibition at the space. Eight artists were paired with each location to design a flag representing their skate spot. A dedicated fanzine will be created to help map each location. Featured Art Dumpers associated with the project include Andy Jenkins, Andy Mueller, Jeremy Carnahan, Eric Anthony, Chris Waycott, Carlos Gutierrez, Nate Hooper and Nick Zegel.

Beginning May 1, Los Angeles skate photographer, Atiba Jefferson, will curate a week-long exhibition and series of activities in homage to the heritage of photography and places of obsession within skate culture.

Oakley partnered with local non-profit, Bridge to Skate, to offer a skate clinic with professional athletes and art workshop utilizing recycled skate decks as the canvas at the studio. Bridge to Skate uses skateboarding to transform the lives of youth by creating dynamic new paths to self-confidence, personal empowerment and responsibility for each other and their communities.

“A sport is only as strong as the community that supports it, and that community is built on a shared obsession of the sport,” said Tom Cartmale, Global Director Brand Communications. “Oakley in Residence: Los Angeles is a place for like-minded people to gather and celebrate their shared passion in skateboarding – bringing the essence of Oakley’s ONE OBSESSION campaign to life.”

Be sure to check it out #InResidence and more Post to come!!!