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Michael Cohen

3.5 FEET of Powder in Vermont

08 December 2010, 21.44 | Posted in Snowboard, Vermont | No comments »

Bolton Valley 12-7-10 (1)
Vermont just got 2 feet of fresh but Bolton Valley Vermont got 3.5 FEET! My Buddy Josh the Director of Marketing over at Bolton Valley just sent me these pictures. They picked up over 3.5 feet of snow since Sunday and it’s still coming down. Opening day is this Friday. Stay tunned for some video clips on Friday.
Bolton Valley 12-7-10 (3)
Opens this Friday!
Bolton Valley 12-7-10 (2)

Bolton Valley’s 1st Snowfall

15 October 2010, 20.41 | Posted in Snowboard, Vermont | No comments »

We’re getting the first snowfall of the season here at Bolton Valley today. It certainly is getting people on the mountain excited and thinking about the coming winter. via Josh Arneson, Marketing Director at Bolton Valley. Thanks for the Picture and see you in Vermont sooner than expected.