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Michael Cohen

Vermont Open “An event designed for snowboarders by snowboarders”

26 February 2014, 23.56 | Posted in Snowboard | No comments »

Stratton Mountain and The Washed Up Cup bring you THE VERMONT OPEN, an event designed for snowboarders by snowboarders. There’s over $20,000 in prize money. For one weekend, snowboarders of all pedigrees come together to ride, compete, party and enjoy the snow. It’s a highlight of the season that’s not to be missed. This is truly open. The competition is open to all snowboarders and designed for amateurs, juniors, pros and snowboarding’s legends to compete in the same arena. Supporting the Ross Powers Foundation/Level Fund.
And be sure to stop by the SHUT booth!

Ski Vermont in New York City

15 July 2010, 10.03 | Posted in Snowboard | No comments »

Tonight my Vermont world came to my backyard for Jen Bustin’s Ski Vermont Apres Event at the Roger Smith Hotel in Midtown. Old and New Friends from Vermont’s top resorts came to help promote there amazing properties. Great seeing everyone and look forward to getting on the hill with y’all! And thank you once again Myra!…oh, and thank you Long Trail Beer and Cabot Cheese!
Agatha and Parker Riehle
Great seeing you Josh!
I’ll see you at “Jay”