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Michael Cohen

Lair Mobb Presents “Blazed” 2013

01 October 2013, 02.21 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

“Yup just dropped tonight. Enjoy!!!” Words and amazing video by Michael Cirelli. So I was about to head home after a long grueling day working in the Skateboard Industry and my homie sent me this link to the new Liar Mobb Video, ‘Blazed” and its sick! SHUT Skaters Mike Powley and Jason Klotz killed it along with so many East Coast rippers like JJ Colon, Fred Gall, Charlie Wilkins and the list goes on…Jereme Rogers, Ricky Oyola, Abdias Rivera, Jahmal Williams, T-MAC, Doug Moore, Joel Meinholz, Fritz Mead, Erik Munday, the 5-boro Team, TJ Schick, Jim Grant, Josh Arnold, Keven Hammond, T-Ruz, Jeff Barnes, Little Joey, Rain Man Tim, Timberlake, Joel, Matt Spence, and Alex Maldonado.

“Left Overs”

29 August 2013, 01.12 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

“Left Overs” with SHUT Skateboarder Mike Powley. Mike picked out all his “left over” footage from the past 2 years to drop this edit. Hope you all enjoy!! Follow Mike Powley via instagram @_mikepowley
Filmed by: Manny, Spanish Mike, Xavier Veal, James Buchman, Evan Walsh & Michael Cirelli
edited by: Michael Cirelli instagram @cirelliworks

Fucking Munday!

13 April 2011, 20.18 | Posted in skateboard | No comments »

Fucking Munday! Skate Lair is one of the illest skate shops out there. The shop is owned by Erik Munday and is located in Enfield, CT, just north of Hartford, CT. This film, Armed and Hammered features skaters such as Peter Bici, Charlie Wilkins, JZ from Natural Koncept, Chris Kays, Tato Feliciano, Mike Powley, Erik Munday, Jim Grant, TJ Schick, JJ Colon, John Reeves, Little Ben, Tom Ruzbasan, Oscar from Bodega Skateboards, Mac Johnson, Killer Cam, Josh Arnold and many more…
Josh Kalis said it best… “One of the realest and illest skate shops i have been to in years!”

Skate Lair’s Erik Munday | Michael Cirelli

11 December 2010, 02.19 | Posted in Photography, skateboard | 5 comments »

Skate Lair Skateboard shop owner Erik Munday gets captured by photographer Michael Cirelli deep in the New England Forrest. Now if your looking to skate this spot I recommend you going over to a real skateboard shop like Skate Lair and buy something and maybe, just MAYBE Erik will tell you where it is.