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Michael Cohen

Department of Bud

04 April 2012, 05.05 | Posted in Weed, skateboard | No comments »

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This video is Dope! No, I mean real Dope! My buddy Nolan Lee of POW Skateboards just dropped this sick NYC skateboard video “Department of Bud” for the release of their new Decks, Tees and Stickers. I swear you can take this out and Skate it and when you get home you can smoke it…or at least use it as a rolling tray if you don’t skate.


17 December 2009, 06.34 | Posted in skateboard | 1 comment »

Be sure to check out Nolan Lee’s new website! Another great New York Skater’s site is to check out when you have a chance is Shut Skater, Luis Tolentino. Enjoy!