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Michael Cohen

Hey L.A. Your # 1

22 January 2011, 00.24 | Posted in Environmental | No comments »

Congratulations Los Angeles…Your Number One with New York coming in a close second. via NY1


Worst Movie Ever…But.

06 February 2010, 10.19 | Posted in entertainment | No comments »

This has got to be some money laundry project. Definitely the worst winter related movie ever. Someone needs to bring back “Hot Dog” the movie, in some sort of new age snowboard flick, oh wait they did ( “Out Cold” ) and that sucked too!
I caught this horrific preview on my favorite local New York channel, NY1. The review was about to give this flick a Zero rating but then Neil Rosen pulled a late shuvit and gave it one and half Apples out of four, for the laugh factor! Worst rating I have seen on NY1 in a long time.
So there are so many flaws in this movie like wolves at a local resort, no patrol last sweep, no cell phones and the list goes on. But, I need to point out the most obvious one… the Snowboarder would have not gotten on the chairlift w/ a skier!