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Michael Cohen


20 June 2014, 07.41 | Posted in skateboard | No comments »

Adult GSD
“ADULT GO SKATEBOARDING DAY” this Saturday! When GSD was started by “DON BROWN IN 2013″ it was on some sort of of mass critical reckless abandonment and then corporate turned it into “Go Watch Skate Pros’s”…LAME
For the last 3 years in New York City GSD has taken on it’s own identity to help of a few purist. It happens once a year on the summer solstice and its Global. It’s what you make of it and as long as your skateboarding for life/everyday it’s what you want it to be. But please make sure your Skateboard everyday. “It’s not a sport and it’s a way of life… just like walking” …Michael A. Cohen
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Department of Bud

04 April 2012, 05.05 | Posted in Weed, skateboard | No comments »

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This video is Dope! No, I mean real Dope! My buddy Nolan Lee of POW Skateboards just dropped this sick NYC skateboard video “Department of Bud” for the release of their new Decks, Tees and Stickers. I swear you can take this out and Skate it and when you get home you can smoke it…or at least use it as a rolling tray if you don’t skate.