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Michael Cohen

“Dine With Us”

11 August 2011, 05.09 | Posted in skateboard | No comments »

Found SkateboardCafe.com on HeavyHittas.com thru Skatedaily.net’s site of the week. Thank you Mr. Rinaldi. Talk about Surfing the the Web…It should be called Skating the web these days. So the Skateboard Cafe crew bring you this fucking sick skate vid called “Dine With Us” and its amazing from all star line up to the progression of street skating. We the skateboard community want to see more lines and fluidity in our videos and this film delivers. Super sick cinematography and great music by Aretha Franklin, Common, Mophono and Lowercase. AND the film features top skaters like Harry Ogilvie, Kyle Dyson, Gwo, Pat Garrahy, Mark Pritchard, Tom Gibbs, Andy Coleman, Louis Marshall, Ashton Launcherley, Barney Page, Danny Wainwright, Barber, George Burnham, Layth Sami, Korahn Gayle, Billness, Andrew Makepeace, and more!