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Michael Cohen

Leo Gutman-Digi Cam Clip

27 September 2013, 19.57 | Posted in skateboard | No comments »

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SHUT Skater Leo Gutman’s digi cam clips from Spain and NYC. Filmed by Caterina Armenter, Eby Ghafarian and Taji Ameen. Be on the lookout for Leo’s most recent SHUT ad in Thrasher Mag shot by Jeremy Elkin. And new video part dropping soon. I’ll hook you up with the details on that one on my Radcollector column soon…

Help Is On The Way Photo Show | Recap

08 December 2010, 01.38 | Posted in Photography | No comments »

Radcollector gave you the heads up on this one and I hope that if you live in the NYC area you were able to peep the “Help Is On The Way Photo Show” down in the LES.
My buddy Taji Ameen was one of seven young New York City Artist who had his photos featured in the show and celebrated his “21″st Birthday! The show was packed with local skateboarders, hot fashion girls and LES regulars. Everyone was psyched on the art work as well as the scene that overstayed the small future home of Caffe Vita. Nice work Taji, and great seeing your Dad, Robby supporting the arts!