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Oli Tielsch

Hello world!

08 December 2009, 05.18 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

Thanks to my friend Tim, from now on i am honoured to share some parts of my life and travels with you. Below you see what im doing every day, or rather what i’ve done in the last two years. I’m editor-in-chief of Monster Skateboard Magazine, one of the oldest (est. 1982) and biggest european skatemags. This means lots of endless nights in front of the computer, working on photoedits, interviews and whatever has to be done to get the new issue finished every month.

Apart from my job this is what i still love to do, what i do best and what took me to where i am today:

Nollie 180 Switch Crooks (by ericmirbach.com)

Skateboarding is a big part of my life and i still can’t resist to learn a new trick every week and to keep going as if it was still 1995. I’m proud to be holding it down for Rodney and my friends at Shut Skates!

oli & rodney (by ericmirbach.com)
(by ericmirbach.com)

Thanks for coming by, see you again for a lot of blog updates shortly!

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