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Oli Tielsch

Monster Mag website relaunched

07 November 2012, 17.30 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »


We just relaunched our magazine website this weekend and are quite happy with the outcome, go check for yourself:



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Cologne is known to be on the forefront of electronic music for a long, long time. My homie Pascal Schmidt is a part of it, dj’ing and producing under the name of Pascis:

NYC|C Billboards

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This is what the billboards of our NYC|C project looked like in the streets of Cologne:

Left: Harold Hunter | Ollie | Photo: Giovanni Reda
Right: Harold Hunter | Skitching | Photo: Charlie Samuels

Left: Jeff Pang, Todd Jordan & Co | September 12, 2001 | Photo: Mike O’Meally
Right: Bobby Puleo | Ollie, Brooklyn, 2001 | Photo: Mike O’Meally

Ted Barrow | Pivot to Fakie, Brooklyn 2008 | Photo: Todd Jordan

Nesto Sutton | 360 Flip | Photo: Gerhard Stochl

Mark Gonzales | Kickturn, Mönchengladbach 1998 | Photo: Johannes Wohnseifer

Steve Rodriguez | Frontside Wallride | Photo: Gerhard Stochl

Qulon Douglas | Ollie, WTC 1989 | Photo: Charlie Samuels

Tony Trujillo | Jumpramp Tweaker, Brooklyn 2004 | Photo: Jonathan Mehring

For more info check out: http://nyc-cologne.com


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NYC|C is a skateboarding & architecture related exhibition in Cologne, Germany from Sept. 21.-29.:

NYC|C - Harold Hunter © Charlie Samuels

NYC|C - Harold Hunter © Charlie Samuels

As part of Plan12 architecture biennale in Cologne, Germany, artist Alexander Basile and me have organized an art initiative called NYC|C, that’s dedicated to the global influence of New York City’s skateboard culture to be held in Cologne Germany from September 21 until October 18, 2012.

Throughout the city center ten billboards will become art-locations within the public space, showing the work of photographers Todd Jordan, Jonathan Mehring, Gerhard Stochl, Mike O’Meally, Giovanni Reda and Charlie Samuels, depicting New York City’s skateboarding scene in its architectural surroundings between 1989 and 2010.

The focal point of NYC|C is Basile’s gallery SSZ SUED which will premier the exhibition “Around A Town (eine Nacherzählung)” by Johannes Wohnseifer. This selection of photographs depicts Backworlds/Forwords, a performance project conceived by Wohnseifer in collaboration with artist and skateboarder Mark Gonzales at the Museum Abteiberg in Mönchengladbach, Germany in 1998. 

As part of the exhibition, a lecture series by urban planners and researchers will the held in combination with screenings of films by RB Umali, Larry Clark, Pontus Alv and others.

Naturally, some actual skateboarding will take place as well. On September 23, Basile and Tielsch are inviting the public to a special New York City-themed version of Cologne’s annual skateboarding race at KAP686 skateplaza.

We will of course include some actual skateboarding as well. On September 23 we invite to a special New York City-themed version of Cologne’s annual skateboarding race at KAP686 skateplaza.

I’ll keep you posted!




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Celebrating the first anniversary of our Kap686-Skateplaza in Cologne we decided to hold a team skate contest, inviting all the best german teams to battle head to head in 3 minute street runs. 30 teams were competing, from Vans to Nike SB to Converse to Radio Skateboards to all the local brands and shops – it was quite an impressive lineup of skaters.


30 teams battled head-to-head

The local rippers of Wasted Box skateshop took the first place over the guys at Nike SB and celebrated accordingly:

Jute Zick

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“Jute Zick” means good times in Kölsch, which is the typical dialect of german spoken in Cologne. My friend Janosch Pugnaghi put this video together, covering our local scene, which has a lot to offer. Combined it with Krautrock and some nice animations of his friends at chillfolio it’s definately worth watching and i’m happy to have a few tricks in there (at 20:45):

Felix Lensing

16 January 2012, 17.20 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

Check the new video part of german ripper Felix Lensing. He put quite some work into this one, ate shit the first time he came NYC, but came back. Some tribute to Jake Johnson here as well, haha…

More Skateboarding Videos

Josh Kalis

18 October 2011, 19.23 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »


Josh Kalis was visiting Germany just recently, being part of the DC Euro Riot Crew. Unfortunately he just rolled his ankle a few days prior to arrival in Cologne, so we didn’t get to see him skate this time around. Still we had a good time hanging out in the sun, plus he could answer a few of our questions:

More Skateboarding Videos

Thanks Josh!

Filmbot Hype

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I just found this photo of my friend Mike i took two years ago while visiting him in LA, that reminded me of his latest project he just sent me a few days ago:


Other than me, Mike is updating all of his youtube’s and blogs everyday, get some proper skate entertainment at:


Le Cercle

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“Le Cercle” is the name of Benjamin Deberdt’s new book with Mark Gonzales. It contains 52 pages with enigmatic grainy black and white prints of Mark riding his patented circle board before dawn in front of the Eiffel Tower. These photographs were then shipped to New York City and drawn directly upon by Mark in his idiosyncratic style. Printed in an edition of 500 on a risograph printer, its definately a good addition to any bookshelf. Get it here a Izrock.


Ludovic Azemar captured the whole session on video and made this beatufil clip out of it: