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Monster Skateboard Mag #300 out now!

21 July 2011, 18.11 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

For our issue #300 of Monster Skateboard Magazine we got you the full package: it comes with four different covers as a collectors edition, each cover with a major banger of Willow, Michi von Fintel, Lennie Burmeister and Paco Elles. We got more the 50 extra pages, thicker paper plus every issue comes plastic wrappped with a reprint of the first Monster issue from 1982!


In the mag you will find the complete history of skateboarding in Germany, a full Stephan Günther interview, a Helge Tscharn interview and a lot of smaller things like from timelines to interviews and anything you could think of.

To make it even better, we invited the best german skaters to the gnarliest skate tour ever, called Banger Bus Tour. The 13 best german skaters (Alex Mizurov, Danny Sommerfeld, Michi von Fintel, Willow, Denny Pham, Paco Elles, Louis Taubert, Vladik Scholz, Thomas Weber, Mack McKelton, Stephan Günther, Norbert Szombati & Tobias Fleischer), 10 days plus the most famous and biggest german spots. Incredible skating went down, i doubt the level was ever as high in Germany, see for yourself:



Good times!

PS. MSM #300 boards just came in too: