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Grandison Taber

21 April 2010, 04.53 | Posted in AFFILIATES, SKATEBOARDING | No comments »


In a recent issue of Uno Magazine Of Spain, we listed Grandison Taber as one of our favorite “up and coming” graphic designers. Three or so months later, this project is proof. Granny, who is partnered up with Donny Barley at Fountain of Youth in Providence, RI, recently completed a project with Girl and Epicly Later’d that coincides with the release of the Brian Anderson episodes that are running right now.

The chain of events goes like this… Brian Anderson was a talented unknown skateboarder from Connecticut. Donny Barley made the phone calls that got Brian Anderson out to the West Coast to establish a career in skateboarding. Brian Anderson put in the hard work that will maintain his status in skateboarding for many, many years. Donny Barley recruited Grandison Taber to make the aesthetic of Fountain Of Youth in Providence what it is at present. After over a decade as professional skateboarder, Epicly Later’d recognized that Brian Anderson has a great story to tell and aired his episodes.

Then, Grandison Taber was able to combine a friendship between two skateboarders that goes back many years, the identity of the shop that one of them owns, the world renowned logo of the company that the other skates for and the release of a series of shows that every skateboarder needs to watch. And he did it all on just two items without sacrificing the aesthetic that anyone involved in the project is noted for by the general public.

Now that is talent.

S.C.  K.S.

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