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Tracy Anderson

California Vans Project: 1996-Present

05 February 2010, 19.52 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

In 1996 Joe Stevens undertook the task of shooting customized and converted Vans that he came across in California and other areas of the west. He now has hundreds of images collected and has just launched a new site, Vans and the places where they were.  The result is a cool look into the world of old school vans which necessarily captures a piece of that California sub-culture. For Stevens the idea was to “examine the dialogue which exists between a van’s design aesthetic and that of its surrounding environment.” Also interesting is Steven’s choice to use 120 mm film for the project — a fading visual medium in its own right — which draws a parallel between the death of the customized van and film photography.

Check the gallery here.


And while I’m on the topic of Joe Stevens, I gotta make mention of the documentary “Made in Queens” that he co-directed with Nicolas Randall about a crew of Trinidad kids now living in Queens, who built stereo systems on their BMX bikes. Really cool shit. Check the trailer.


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