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Tracy Anderson

Brooklyn Banks Jungle

04 February 2010, 09.38 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »


My friend Cecile filmed this 16 mm short a couple weeks ago at a Save The Banks gathering — officially the “last day” before the historic skate area closed. It’s a quick but poignant clip with a rough and tough feel fitting of the Banks. No music, no audio.

Cameos from all the homies — Michael Cohen, Shawn Powers, Heron Preston, Dick’s Nuts the French Chihuahua, Emilie Kareh, and crew.

As for the latest update on closure of the banks the Downtown Express, “The Newspaper of Lower Manhattan,” reported the closure was initially slated for Jan. 15 but it didn’t happen. Steve Rodriguez, owner of 5boro Skateboards isn’t sure what the final date will be when there will no longer be access.

But it’s coming. Any day now. Though the Banks are anticipated to reopen in 2014, it’s a tough hit for New York skateboarding.