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Redbull Snowscrapers Results

07 February 2009, 03.47 | Posted in Events, snowboarding | 1 comment »

Rad Collector - Snowscrapers
Redbull’s long awaited Snowscrapers went down in NYC last night. Despite bitter cold, close to 30,000 people mobbed the East River Park to catch Shaun White, Travis Rice and Pat Moore huck for a $50,000 top prize. The overall event was definitely the best snowboard competition the city has hosted but unfortunately the riders were not able to pick up enough speed to attempt the tricks that would normally be required to win an event with a purse of this size. Rumor has it that a NYC ordinance prevented them from making the jump any bigger. Regardless, Terje Haakonsen’s one-footed method air against the city skyline was an epic moment. In a nod to the next generation of shredders, relatively unknown underdog Shayne Pospisil came out of no where to beat both Shaun White and Torstein Horgmo in head to head competition and take the $50k. The best part, he’s from right across the river in Jersey. Full Results after the jump.

Rad Collector - Snowscrapers

1. Shayne Pospisil
2. Torstein Horgmo
3. Scotty Lago
4. Travis Rice
5. Daniel Ek
6. Shaun White
7. Bjorn Leines
8. Terje Haakonsen
9. Dustin Craven
10. Mikkel Bang
11. Heikki Sorsa
12. Pat Moore
13. Eero Ettala
14. Andreas Wiig
15. Jack Mitrani
16. JJ Thomas

Best Trick: Terje Haakonsen, one-footed method air

Rad Collector - Snowscrapers

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  1. Would have loved to be there for this event. The ramp looks enormous.

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