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Where The Wild Things Are Blog | We Love You So

11 May 2009, 20.00 | Posted in films, online, Skateboarding | 1 comment »

Rad Collector - Where the Wild Things Are Blog
The saga of our collective quest to have our favorite childhood book become the movie that will somehow validate all of our lives continues. After rumors, skate decks, trailers and Kubrick’s, Where The Wild Things Are now has a blog. It’s called weloveyouso and Spike himself is at the helm. If this doesn’t cure the itch, nothing will. Via Club Mumble.

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  1. The book is a timeless treasure. Can you fault Hollywood for trying to turn a classic into a money-making big screen. This is my son\’s(and my) favorite childhood book. We actually threw him a \’Where the Wild Things Are Party\’ in May for his 2nd birthday party. I will not be taking him to see the movie but i will definitely purchase the dvd. Regardless, it is such a fun theme and it was rather easy to decorate with palm trees and jungle accessories. The kids had a wonderful time and the parents remembered their childhood. Check out the full party details at !!!

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