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Eric Koston | First Try Fridays Shoe Sponsor Mystery

30 May 2009, 20.28 | Posted in Skateboarding, Sneakers, speculation, videos | 4 comments »

Eric Koston just did a First Try Fridays segment with Wieger Van Wageningen and stoked the flames of the debate as to his new shoe sponsor by wearing bags over his kicks. Sneaky, sneaky! Who sponsors Wieger though? Hmmm. Via Ferrari Murakami.

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  1. Weiger’s sponsor: SB
    thats irrelevant to the koston sponsoring but
    Koston’s Mystery Kicks: have mystery straps that look like SB DUNK MID STRAPS
    just saying

  2. Wieger:

    Wieger has a Nike SB tee shirt on? Who ever posted this does not skate…
    push a board, not a button…

  3. I don’t think that was an actual question, obviously Wieger’s on SB, more like wondering if maybe Koston’s gonna end up with the same sponsor duhhh

  4. GrapeSoda:

    Theres a new video on the berrics (showing them pick names for BATB2) where you can see his new shoes. Kinda look like vans but i dunno. There is a chance i guess that they are the sandoval fallen ones with the weed leafs on the side, but I doubt that frost would be on fallen.

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