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Andy Kessler RIP

11 August 2009, 10.34 | Posted in history, Skateboarding, Tragedy | 1 comment »

New York City and the world lost a crucial figure yesterday with the extremely untimely death of legendary skater Andy Kessler. Kessler, who pioneered East Coast skateboarding in the 1970’s with the Soul Artists of Zoo York, had been recently experiencing a surge in notoriety due to attention brought back on the OG NYC skateboard movement through the documentary film Deathbowl to Downtown. Kessler evidently died from complications following an allergic reaction to a wasp sting on Long Island. He was 48. He will be greatly missed. Join us as we take a moment to reflect with this amazing footage of the The Grandmaster of 108. Rest In Peace.

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  1. Dear Skateboarders,

    Let me share the great news with you that Grandmaster of 108 the short documentary that I shot and produced had recently got distributed by Snag Films! It is about a 46-year old New York City skateboarding legend Andy Kessler whose dedication to this controversial endeavor made him an advocate for skateboarding.
    Andy had been battling with hardships in most of his life, he survived things that would normally kill people therefore it is difficult to believe that 2 years after the film was completed he passed away due to an allergic reaction to a wasp sting he sustained on Montauk, Long Island on August 10, 2009 while building a skatepark there.
    Knowing what a heroic figure he was in the skateboarding community I found it important for all of his fans, followers and the wider audience to see this film even if it only shows a small segment of his life.
    You can watch the film free by clicking on the following link:

    Dorottya Mathe

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