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Happy New Year!

31 December 2009, 21.27 | Posted in snowboarding, special editions | No comments »

Rad Collector - Happy New Year!
As 2009 comes to a close, there are all sorts of commemorative roundups floating about that most of the world are going to be way too drunk to read or care about so in lieu of creating another we are bringing you Rad Collector editor Tim Brodhagen’s top five moments in snowboarding as presented by ESPN. The above photo from today at Whistler, BC by Craig Wetherby. Read them after the jump. HAPPY NEW YEAR YO!

1. You have to hand it to Louie Vito. He took on the most clownable, potentially credibility-ending gig at the height of his competitive career and in doing so showed that he easily has the biggest balls in snowboarding. He owned it, now he’s ten times more famous and he’s about to whip some ass in the Olympics. Cha-Ching!

2. Nate Bozung moved to Brooklyn. The ODB of shred just moved to the home borough of the real ODB. Worlds are colliding! Seriously though, if you could see the king of the BozWreck clan flying around the city on his skateboard and charming even the most wildstyle heads in the hood with his totally disconnected, face-tattoo having self, you would know why this makes sense. Big things are going to come from this alignment of time and space. Mark my words.

3. This one makes the list because it shows that no matter how far snowboarding has come, the whole “regulation” thing has never fully taken hold. The Dew Tour holding a competition on an 18-foot pipe during an Olympic year is equivalent to holding the ALCS on a Little League field. It would never happen.

4. Most people don’t live near mountains. Resorts are expensive. The Banshee Bungee can whip you fast enough to hit a road gap right in your front lawn. Forget about what it can do in the backcountry. As Jesse Huffman put it, “Bounce-in is the new tow-in!”

5. Mark Deadlung Edlund achieved instant auteur status with the invention of his smoked out mini-shredumentary series, “Lungie Land.” Using the thermal effect on the new iPod Nano and taking advantage of the fact that his homies are Lizard King, Pat Moore, Justin Bennee, Cale Zima, Stevie Bell, Aaron Bittner and more, Deadlung’s first-person shredding and Biggie Smalls combos are the dopest DIY media in snowboarding.

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