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19 January 2010, 18.23 | Posted in shops, tradeshows, videos | 1 comment »

Encinitas California wouldn’t be described as a cultural hub although it is for sure a pretty rad beach town. Despite it having less that 60,000 residents, it is the home to one of the top lifestyle boutiques in the country, UNIV. In this video, ASR’s on-air host, Jim Shubin, get the grand tour from UNIV’s Tim Swart. ASR kicks off on Wednesday, February 3rd in San Diego.

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    why is that every time I walk in to univ and not just me but its like everyone that know. All the people who work their have a ego and talk down to you like your child. I dont shop their anymore I rather go to Hansen’s or the other street wear shop in oceanside (granduer i think).

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