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Von Zipper 3D Glasses

21 April 2010, 23.43 | Posted in collabs, films, sunglasses | 2 comments »

Just as we suspected, this 3D shit is not going anywhere anytime soon and even more like we suspected, a brand has stepped up to be the first to make 3D glasses with some steez. And the winner is Von Zipper. Peep some more prototypes for the Jackass 3D movie after the jump.

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  1. […] Well-known eye wear company, Von Zipper has recently capitalized on the “Avatar”-initiated trend trend and they have released their take on 3D Glasses, which can be viewed below (via Rad Collector). […]

  2. […] Eyewear brand Von Zipper rides along with the latest trend these days, which is 3D glasses. Only this time.. fashionable ones. Check out the prototypes for the Jackass 3D movie below. Via RadCollector […]

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