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Laura Austin Interview

24 June 2010, 16.06 | Posted in interviews, magazines, snowboarding | 2 comments »

Stellar photographer, artist, and Radcollector columnist Laura Austin just scored a sweet new gig as the Online Editor at shred bible SNOWBOARDER Magazine. Its a big deal for anyone but for Laustin, a veritable child prodigy who’s already been making major moves in the industry for a decade despite being all but 20 years old, its definitely a dream job. We snagged her for a second before her workload piles up to tell us how it went down and to make sure her column stays poppin! Read the complete interview after the jump and check Laura’s handiwork here.

Hey Laura! What’s your new gig?

Hey Tim… Just left Quiksilver to take a job at SNOWBOARDER Magazine as their “Online Editor”. I am running their whole site, managing the content, and creating a lot of the content as well.

How did it come about?

Well they didn’t really announce publically that they were looking to hire new people, it was more by word of mouth. A friend told me they were looking for someone and so I hit up Bridges (the editor at Snowboarder) to see what was up with it. He told me my name was already in the mix of people they were thinking of and to send in my resume… And I guess things just kind of worked out.

Would you call this your dream job?

Definitely. I mean Quiksilver was great, I was able to work on some cool projects over there. But I was stuck in a cubicle all the time, I just wanted to do more. I have a pretty broad range of interests and I was only able to do design work at Quik. But with my new position I am able be a journalist, photographer, designer, etc all in one. Plus there is the travel aspect… Getting paid to travel and snowboard for that matter, is a dream come true. The first day I started at Snowboarder, Bridges told me he needed to get me a ticket to Hood for next month. Instantly in my head I was thinking, “Damn I hope it is cool that I miss work to go to Hood.” And the next second I realized, “Wait this is my work!”. Plus it is awesome going into work everyday with a group of people that I grew up looking up to.

You are working tons in web but have a decided reverence for analog photography and print media, how will this affect the way you tackle this new job?

Very good question. I have a huge appreciation for the people still shooting film (which I admit I need to do more of myself) so I will probably try to come up with a feature for the web that is exclusively for analog photography and get kids more knowledgeable as to what goes into shooting film so that hopefully they can learn to appreciate it themselves. As for print media…. I never want to see magazines die, and within Snowboarder that is still the focus, the magazine. So my goal is to try to push traffic from the web to the magazine and vice versa.

You aren’t going to neglect Radcollector now are you??

Haha… Of course not!

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