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Gymkhana 3 Coming Next Week

19 August 2010, 20.19 | Posted in cars | 3 comments »

For reasons not entirely clear, DC honcho Ken Block has made himself into an international internet phenomenon with Gymkhana, the sport he invented and is the sole practitioner of. That’s cool with us though, it is pretty rad to watch him whip the shit out of a compact car as some big budget camerawork makes it look even gnarlier. What we’re not sure of is the message being sent with these “Obama Can’t Gymkhana” stickers that are being circulated at redneck speed freak events. Gymkhana 3 drops next Tuesday.

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  1. Sean:

    Maybe they think Palin can Gymkhana better, i see a new style of format debate

  2. neas:

    Bock did not invent Gymkhana,nor is he its sole practitioner.

  3. true_enthusiast:

    What does Gymkhana have to do with Obama? Is it because it rhymes?

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