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Gymkhana THREE | Ken Block Interview

15 September 2010, 13.32 | Posted in cars, videos | No comments »

Gymkhana 3, part two is here. The idea was to transform l’autodrome, France into the Ultimate Playground. The video speaks for itself and when you’re done watching read the interview we did with Ken Block after the jump.

RC- First off you have to be one of the luckiest dudes to be able to do what you do, the first two Gymkhana videos were wildly successful. How does this one compare to those?

KB- I am a very lucky bastard to be able to do what i do, i get to race cars and sometimes smash the shit out of them! I’m very thankful because its what i love to do… so the 1st video was raw and the second was super produced with lots of slow-mo and this third video is a combination of both styles, with the Cool Kids stylized video and the other half being raw driving footage.

RC-So now that you have a video with the Cool Kids can we expect a crossover from you into the rap game?

KB- Hell no!!(laughs) Thats not me at all. I never thought i would be in a music video but we wanted something that fit well visually with the car and i think the video did just that.

RC- We get dizzy watching you hit those turns and spins, have you ever been driving after a late night of partying and made yourself puke?

KB- Haha, never. There is no place i would rather be then behind that steering wheel, it’s pure enjoyment. I have had a number of passengers puke after a ride along.

RC- You know what would be dope, Urban Gymkhana. You could tear it up through Time Square or something like that.

KB- I would love to to do that. I actually tried to get a permit to do it in a major city but it didn’t work out. I like the aspect of an audience being a part of it, i’m actually doing an event with a full audience at the Irvine Speedway this fall.

RC- Now that Gymkhana 3 is released whats next for you and have you already starting planning the 4th video?

KB- Right now i’m on a much needed 2 week vacation. I never get to relax so thats what i’m going to do. Then it’s back to traveling overseas and work, work ,work. No plans as of now on the 4th video but you know that kind of thing is always in th back of my mind, like what i can do and what level i can take it to, I cant help it.

RC- Our columnist Renee Renee aka Playboy Ricky Dorigo is your boy and DC family, if it came down to it who would win in a fight?

KB- I am not a fighter and he’s a big guy so he would probably kick the crap out of me.

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