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Volcom PB&RJ at Mountain High

10 January 2011, 18.48 | Posted in contests, snowboarding, videos | No comments »

Volcom’s PB&RJ contest just went down last Friday night at Mountain High and they’ve already got this edit out the door. The up and comer focused contest featured a ton of names you’ll be hearing about in the near future. Full results after the jump.

2011 Mountain High PB&RJ Complete Results:

15 & Under

1st Patrick Fava (1:55, 2:18 – time code of video appearance)

2nd Christian Armenta (2:24, 2:41)

3rd Drayden Gardner (2:36)

4th Levi Kaseroff

5th Sean Monahan

16 & Over

1st Will Ermish (2:49)

2nd Ian Travis

3rd Jake Vega

4th Oliver Dixon

5th Zach Foster

Girl’s open

1st Nirvana Ortanez (3:28, 3:32, 3:37)

2nd Emily Blewitt

3rd Jamie Madrid 3:43

4th Lauren Weibert

5th Monique Hyman

Men’s Open

1st Brendon Simons (3:58-4:02, 4:30)

2nd Spencer Link (4:12, 4:17, 4:27)

3rd Dakota Whitaker

4th Nick Guin

5th Jeremy Estorga

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