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Analog PLA x Saturdays

14 January 2011, 13.52 | Posted in openings, photography | No comments »

Analog is rolling into the Big Apple this weekend for an installment of their Permanent Light Archive show at Saturday’s Surf. Their full roster of artists will be showing and many will undoubtedly be in the house including 13th Witness, Andrew Long, Andy Wright, Anthony Acosta, Arto Saari, Atiba Jefferson, Bob Kronbauer, Chad Moore, Chris Searl, Craig Wetherby, Dave Swift, Dean “Blotto” Gray, Dylan Rieder, Frank Verges, Grant Brittain, Grant Willing, Greg Hunt, Hamburger Eyes, Jeff Curtes, Jimmy Wilson, Johnny Beutler, Johnny McCormack, Mark Oblow, Mattias Fennetaux, Pete Taras, Reubin Ruiz, Ryan Allan, Scott Chenoweth, and Tobin Yelland.

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