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Aerial7 Chopper2

08 March 2011, 13.53 | Posted in headphones, surfing | 2 comments »

Aerial7 drops their latest headphone this week with the Chopper2 Headphone, a collabo with surf team member Taylor Knox. The Native American inspired design features a stitched feather headband and dream catcher stitching on the ear cups and is available now.

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  2. granapple:

    Definitely recommend these headphones! sound quality is sick and the designs are awesome. I’ve never had a more comfortable and useful set of headphones that work with skype, ipods, iphones, and basically everything else.

    They do have black/gray headphones that are less striking. But you can get black headphones from any manufacturer. These headphones are for those who want to stand out in a crowd.

    One more thing, I am a sucker for bass, and would like some headphones with wonderful bass response, but without sacrificing overall sound quality. I’ll be buying some more really soon!!

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