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Open Skateboards for Japan

14 March 2011, 18.15 | Posted in Fundraisers, Skateboarding, Tragedy | 1 comment »

You have to really respect the crew at NYC’s Open Skateboards. Although just a small, independent company, they are currently donating 100% of their profits to Tsunami aid efforts in Japan. That’s a huge sacrifice for the greater good and something we hope will be emulated by some of the larger companies out there with friends and fam in Japan’s shred community. Go here to support.

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1 comment
  1. That is such an awesome and noble cause, something that if the rest of the world put in an effort like NYC’s Open Skateboards we could really make a difference. Japan is such an amazing Country with a Culture is so Unique, our heart and I am more than sure NYC Open Skateboards, RADCOLLECTOR, and many more goes out too.

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