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Aloha for Japan | Jun Jo Interview

01 April 2011, 16.30 | Posted in Fundraisers, interviews, Skateboarding, t-shirts | No comments »

In the wake of the tsunami in Japan we’ve seen all sorts of brands mobilizing to help our brothers and sisters in Japan, but perhaps no group of people have put more energy into helping than the consortium of brands in Hawaii who have formed the Aloha for Japan project. We did an exclusive interview with In4mation’s Jun Jo to learn all about Aloha for Japan and how people can help. The above t-shirt is just the tip of the iceberg and available here with all proceeds going to the Japan Red Cross. Read the complete interview with Jun after the jump.

What was the genesis of Aloha for Japan?

Its been in the works even before this tragedy in Japan happened. A bunch
of shops and brands here in Hawaii came together 6 months or so ago with
us at In4mation and Aloha army , Hi Life , Fitted , Barefoot league and Buti
Groove with one pure intention. We decided to put business and ego’s
behind for one cause , the cause of Showing the World the Aloha Spirit,
showing that we all can come together with the pure intention of bettering
the place we all love and care about …..Hawaii. So with all that happening
beforehand when the earthquake hit we all met early the next morning
after the long long night of waiting to see if the tsunami would hit Hawaii
as well we all met up. We all came together to see what and how we could
help. What was the best way for us to help? We thought why not create
something that can pass on the message of Aloha , the message that we all
care for our sister country. Something that the people here can wear and
wear with pride showing that Aloha for Japan , so the Aloha for Japan was

Who’s all involved and in what capacity?

We all have our shops/brands with so many friends and family that are
attached to each one, that in itself has been huge with just passing this
feeling of Aloha to everyone not only here but worldwide. We get so many
people coming to visit our shops collectively from all over the globe so the
reach alone has been huge. We all have been working together very closely
as one with production , design and marketing and whatever needs to be

What are all the ways people can get involved?

To be honest the best way is to just show Japan that we care. Pick up the
phone call your friends and family there and see what you can do for them.
Give them that Aloha , give them that moral support. That in itself is huge.

If you feel like you wanna donate some dollars go to the site , there
some links to where you can donate, also you can find out more info on
everything that’s going on.

Or just to send a message of encouragement to the people of japan on
facebook at

What’s the range in terms of time and resources for the project?
We all have been working long hours doing everything we can , non stop
interviews, deliveries , printing what ever it takes. Much thanks has to go
out to everyone involved as they are all donating their time for this.

Anything else people need to know?

Just from all this I think I can speak for the most of us here that have been working
tirelessly that this has been the most self rewarding thing ever. Something about
helping and being positive has changed a lot of our lives, being positive only has
brought in positive things in all of our lives. It’s the magic of Aloha. Its something
that we all hope that people can learn and live.

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