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Meyerhoffer Surfboards | 2011 Line

13 April 2011, 13.41 | Posted in surfboards, surfing | 2 comments »

Meyerhoffer Surfboards have released their new boards for 2011. The Original, Pill, and Lemondrop provide super high performance with the help of Thomas Meyerhoffer’s radical design elements. Get a closer look at the rest of the boards after the jump.

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  1. necessary:

    They look like pregnancy tests

  2. Mark:

    There are pros and cons to the new board.
    The old model after surfing for a couple of hours was harder to control due to the fact it was real loose (not very forgiving). The new model is a lot more stable. However with that being said it is a lot slower than the old model because of the volume and weight (rides lower in the water). On a good note the old model would pearl a lot easier on late take offs. The new board doesn’t do that because of the nose shape being different and it seems to have more rocker.
    I normally like a loose ride and I had to run large side bites on the old model to stabilize it. On the new model it was suggested to run it without the side bites to free it up and to increase the speed. That helped increase the speed a little and loosen it up some.

    Overall I like the new board and will continue to ride it. I think they went too conservative and would have liked it to have been somewhere in between the two models. Please take into consideration these are my own observations and are based on my own surfing ability and the fact that I only have ridden it three days. Additionally for whatever its worth it would have been nice if you had an option other than the yellow only on the 9.6.

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