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Santa Cruz x The Simpsons Cruzers | Radcollector Exclusive Images and Interview

26 July 2011, 14.46 | Posted in Art, collabs, decks, Skateboarding | 18 comments »

Santa Cruz just dropped what may be their raddest collaboration yet – a series of decks with none other than the Simpsons. As lifelong Simpson heads, we were especially stoked on this project and even more so to get a chance to speak with Jeff Kendall Vice President of NHS (parent company of Santa Cruz Skateboards, Independent Trucks, Creature Skateboards, etc) about how it all came together. Checkout our exclusive pics and the complete interview by Tim Brodhagen after the jump. D’oh!

The Simpsons debuted in 1989 and are entering their 23rd season. Bart has been a skate icon for all this time, is this really the first time he’s collaborated with a legit skate brand?

This is the first time Fox has partnered with a skateboard hardgoods brand in the U.S. Bart is quite the veteran and did take skateboarding to the mainstream even before Hawk. We’re stoked to have him on the team.

That being said, what was the genesis for this project? Did The Simpsons come to you, did Santa Cruz approach The Simpsons?

We approached 20th Century Fox with the idea, looking to do a collab. As it turned out, there were huge Santa Cruz fans at Fox.

Is this a limited edition project or one intended for a mass audience?

Certain models are going to be limited while others we’ll keep in the line longer-term. I know The Simpsons fan base is pretty massive but I wouldn’t say we are targeting a mass audience really. The skateboards we produce are a little too high-end and expensive for the mass channels any ways.

Where will the collaboration be sold?

Skate shops primarily. The boards will be available to shops and consumers the end of July. If there is not a shop in your area that carries Santa Cruz Cruzers, they will also be available on our website

What does the collaboration consist of?

Seven pieces in all, five completes and two decks.
The Bart Model is a replica of the board you see him skate on the show. This one was fun to make because it is so iconic, it’s gotta be the most famous fictional skateboard ever. It’s a true “jammer”, a primitive but skateable fun-board. This will be highly collectable and it comes with a custom sticker pack.

There’s a Duff Pintail board, which is essentially built off our classic pintail Cruzer shape. It has metallic ink, Bullet Cutback trucks, a Duff can graphic on the grip, Road Rider wheels and a bottle opener built into the deck, just like the Land Sharks you did a piece on last year.

The Homer is a super-wide, popsicle shape, with cut-ins that follow the shape of Homer’s head. This in the same vein as the Screaming Foot boards we’ve done, with a crazy shape that is still totally rideable. The complete comes with soft, donut-graphic Road Rider wheels and the deck comes with a Duff reusable static can decal.

The Homer One is something we’re really hyped on. If you remember the Roskopp series, this is a parody of the Rob 1, but with Homer’s arm breaking through the target. It’s on the same reissue shape as the original Rob 1. The complete is a mini version (8.3” x 26”) which is still totally rideable for anyone.

Rounding out the line is the Duff Can. It’s 10.5” wide, so it’s really easy and comfortable to ride. It’s shaped like a giant can of Duff beer. It’s hilarious but functional- a head turner for sure! It comes with Krux trucks and OJ Hot Juice wheels.

Are the decks skateable?

Although the shapes are very unique, they are all very skateable. These boards are made to the same quality standards Santa Cruz has been known for for almost 40 years – this is the same deck construction that our pros ride. Although quite a few of these boards may end up on collector’s walls we’re hoping most of them get ridden.

Do you expect core skaters or Simpsons geeks to be the primary market for this project?

Both. I think these boards are going to have some broad appeal. Both the Simpsons and Santa Cruz span generations of fans. There really is something for every type of skateboarder or collector.

What was the coolest thing about collaborating with The Simpsons?

First off, just being able license such an iconic brand that we all love was amazing. Then to pool all of our ideas and see them come to life has been beyond rewarding. It has been an exciting process the whole way through.

Was Matt Groening involved at all and how?

Not directly. It’s a license, so we deal directly with the licensing teams at 20th Century Fox and Gracie Films.

Any additional thoughts or things you’d like to say.

This whole project has been a ton of fun. We hope that the energy and passion 20th Century Fox, Gracie Films and NHS have put into this result in a lot of smiles on faces and feet on skateboards. And stay tuned. There’s more Simpsons Cruzers to come. Thanks to everyone at 20th Century Fox and Gracie Films for their input and cooperation. Thanks to the team of people here at NHS responsible for not only making this project happen but taking it to the next level of creativity.

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  9. dude these boards are so freakin sweet !!!!! looks like fun to cruise great job santa cruz!!!!!!

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  11. Margaux:

    Do I have to purchase a skate to get the stickers or can I purchase them separately anywhere?

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