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Agenda HB | 5Boro Fuck Longboards Deck

04 August 2011, 21.12 | Posted in decks, Skateboarding | 12 comments »

With the recent epidemic of longboarders in NYC, 5Boro has taken a stand to stop it dead in its tracks. Someone had to say it and we’re glad they did.

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  1. Actually it was all business. Steve Rodriguez from 5boro said himself that he might make a longboard with a graphic that reads “fuck shortboards”. My friendI have been involved in this discussion from the beginning along with Noel Korman from the Shralpersunion and the rift is now gone and overwith. Everybody talked and Steve even joined the NOBI Foundation Facebook Group. Dont bother getting your panties in a knot people, it’s all about the almighty market share !

    It used to be us (skaters) against them (the world). Now, it’s us against us. Too much divisiveness in skateboarding today. Vert, pool, slalom, street, park, cruising, downhill, regardless of the discipline it is all skateboarding and skateboarding is a form of self expression. That individualistic self expression is why most of us started skating in the first place, to escape the jock mentality of conformist team sports and do our own thing. Now that same conformist jock mentality runs rampant through our beloved pastime and this is a prime example of it. The attitude of “if you are not riding a popsicle stick with 52mm wheels and doing flip tricks down stairs, then you are not a skater” is a fallacy. Obviously they have never seen Brad Edwards or Ian Joe Dutch tearing it up, even Mark Gonzales kills it on a longboard! Regardless of what others think you should do what you enjoy, that’s what has kept me on board for over 25 years now.

    Christian Hosoi does have own pro model longboards too…

  2. Tony Snark:

    @boy lpoh – I couldn’t agree more. Half of me thinks this is somewhat of a joke but I can see them being serious at the same time. The fact that SKATEBOARDING- a modern activity deeply rooted in counter-culture is incubating this weird elitist/snobbery when it comes to skating.

  3. Steve Rodiguez said on this on his facebook 5boro page : I did print screen it since they are my friends too.

    Steve Rodriguez: Christian- Beef? not really… pure marketing and it works… need to stir things up every once in a while. Our industry is founded on that principle(amongst others)

    here’s another post from Steve to his friend Brian who owned Earthing skateboards who make longboard / downhill slide boards in NYC

    Posted on August 5
    Steve Rodriguez:
    So… did you see it?

    Brian Petrie:
    Yeah man, that’s going to sell like crazy. You got my vote bro, halarious. The future is all about spandex power bars and water man!

    Steve Rodriguez:
    hahahahahahahahaha. You were the only person I had a moment of pause for when making the decision but I knew you would love it.

    Serge Berig:
    i told brian he should make a longboard with the same graphic 😛

    Steve Rodriguez:
    of course!

  4. Nar is a Mo:

    If you cant tre flip it, you shouldnt ride it.

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  6. Blaise Johnson:

    LOL what were you saying about treflips fool? check 0:38 nollie treflip fool.

  7. Shortboarder:

    Check this then…double kicktail longboards.

    if you guys here dont even know who is jeremy Oeckham then you guys are not a real skateboarder.

    Longboard, downhill, slalom, street, vert, bowl, slide, etc…all were part of skateboarding. Even surfing have longboards. I dont belive that how posers you guys really is>

    Check this out:

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  10. Justin:

    that awkward moment when skateboards originated from longboards

  11. Marc:

    You mad bro?

  12. waingro:

    5boro should make a deck that says fuck hipsters, or fuck transplants.

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