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TheGoodLife! x GoodWood Ltd Edition Dominoes and Table

06 January 2012, 09.30 | Posted in Accessories, lifestyle, videos | 1 comment »

What do P-Rod, T-Rice, Pat Moore, Danny Kass, Justin Bennee, Darrell Mathes, Trouble Andrew, and Louie Vito have in common besides the fact that they all rip? When they come to NYC, they all get in on some domino action with TheGoodLife! crew. Now TheGoodLife!’s custom domino set and domino table are available for true domino connoisseurs. Hand made in super limited quantities in Brooklyn, NY by GoodWoodNYC, the dominoes feature 28 1oz hand crafted bones and a custom box with false bottom stash zone while the table features a movable lazer etched domino playing surface, a chess/checkers board on the flip side, full size drink holders, and removable, fold-able legs. More info can be found at or go directly here to purchase. More images after the jump.

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