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Radcollector Interviews | Pat Moore on Real Snow

21 January 2012, 23.46 | Posted in Competitions, snowboarding, videos | 1 comment »

Winter X Games’ rad Real Snow video battle is into its second round of voting. As we’ve endorsed Pat Moore as our shredidate of choice for this year, we thought we’d get him to tell us a little more about the inspiration behind his epic part. Read the full interview after the jump and don’t forget to cast your vote for Pat here!

You are known more for big mountain gnarl, how did you end up in the Real Snow competition?

I think I got in just from taggin’ along with Nic Sauve last year. I rode with him the whole time while he was filming his real snow part and the motivation he had for that got me riding some bigger shit. Filming with him definitely progressed my riding and got me the part I had in Vacation, which is how I got into Real Snow this year.

Did they tell you who your competition would be before you agreed to enter? Is there anyone you wouldn’t have wanted to go up against?

I knew some of the guys who were going to be in it, and knowing that I knew it would be hard for me to stand out. I really don’t consider myself a strong rail rider so to be up against guys like Louis and Jed was seeming pretty harsh. But no there wasn’t one person in particular who I was worried about, any one of the guys in it could win if things lined up for them, my whole mentality was to put something out that was my style and that I was proud of and the rest is out of my hands.

Did you map out your entire part beforehand or just wing it once you started peeping spots?

A little of both, I knew what I wanted to do, but with the lack of snow and being stuck in one location I kinda started to wing it. When we were in the thick of it I was filming a trick with one part of the day and then using the other to find new stuff. We were constantly on the move and were never content with ourselves. It was pretty gnarly, especially towards the end of our month in Alaska, our minds were wearing thin for sure.

What was the gnarliest trick to pull off?

Probably the crail to wallride, that shit was crazy. The spots that we were building took a lot of effort cause we wanted to make everything so big, for a month straight it was pretty common to shovel for 3 hours straight for just the landing or take off of a feature. This night we had spent about 3 or 4 hours setting up a spot and got kicked out just as we were finishing up, it was actually kind of funny, the janitor came out and was screaming in this high pitched voice “NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!” like we were in the process of jumping someone or something. So after we dealt with the screamer we went to scope for a little while to line something up for the next day. We found the wallride and thought it would be smart to atleast build the take off that night. So we built it and finished that at around 1 or 2 AM and we just decided, fuck it lets just try this tonight, no time like the present. So we built this massive landing and got everything set up. Anyways I took a beating on this wallride and towards the beginning of the morning I could barely walk back up the stairs. I forget what happened, I think our filmer bet me something I’d land it this try or something along those lines, but I finally landed it and it was pretty fuckin satisfying. And then after we got our tricks it took us about 2 hours to tear everything down. With all the other film crews there we were careful not to leave jumps or landings up to give other guys ideas, so that added a lot of work to our day, that was a long day.

What are you thoughts overall about the Real Snow competition and what its adds to the X Games?

I think the best thing about it is that kids can watch those edits and connect them with where they live. I feel like a lot of people don’t snowboard cause they live far from the mountain and tickets are super expensive. By having our videos on the X Games I’d like to think we’re motivating kids who maybe wouldn’t consider snowboarding to give it a try even if they live in a city or somewhere snowboarding isn’t common.

Give the people an incentive to vote for you!

VOTE FOR ME, VOTE FOR ME! Ha! No I’d say just go on and check out the videos and vote for your favorite, I’d be hyped if people liked my video and gave me their vote. I will say I’m pledging 10% towards the completion of the Plymouth Skatepark which is up in New Hampshire, and I’ll definitely be putting a portion towards my scholarship that helps give east coast kids a chance to get out and enjoy snowboarding if they can’t afford it. 50 G’s is a lot of money for just one person, so if I win I’ll be lookin after my people. Thanks!

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